Tankless Myth 3
Myth #3

Venting is too expensive on tankless water heaters.

We offer affordable concentric venting, including 2" by 4" diameter for condensing and 3" by 5" diameter for non-condensing. Concentric vent installation is beneficial because it requires just one penetration through a nearby roof or wall and less material leads to reduced costs. Additionally, our condensing tankless water heaters can use 2" PVC for vent runs up to 65 feet and in some cases can use room air for intake. The Tankless Truth is, we’ve made tankless water heater venting affordable.

Hear What Other PROs Are Saying

From expensive to affordable. 

What was once an expensive and complicated part of the installation is now affordable and easy, thanks to Rinnai's innovation and 2" PVC piping.

Innovation driving down the cost of venting.

Eric of Mechanical Hub discusses how Rinnai's innovation has dramatically reduced the cost of venting for tankless.

Tankless Myth 2
Myth #2

Tankless water heaters are more expensive to purchase and install.

The Tankless Truth is, the cost of installing a non-condensing tankless water heater is the same as or less than the cost of a tank. 

Tankless Myth 4
Myth #4

Tankless is more expensive to maintain than tanks.

The Tankless Truth is, maintenance for our tankless water heaters is not more expensive than a tank. 

Tankless Myth 5
Myth #5

Tankless water heaters don’t respond quickly to high demand.

The Tankless Truth is, we offer tankless water heaters with built-in circulation pumps that deliver hot water to your fixtures quickly and efficiently.