Tankless Myth 2
Myth #2

Tankless water heaters are more expensive to purchase and install.

When we compare the cost of tankless water heaters vs. tanks in the past few years, the price of tanks has gone up and up. But are tankless water heaters more expensive? What about installation cost? Today you can get a non-condensing tankless water heater for the same cost or less than that of a tank. And a good plumber who knows what they’re doing can often install these in about the same amount of time as a standard tank. The Tankless Truth is, tankless water heater installation costs can be less than or equal to tank costs.

Hear What Other PROs Are Saying

The price of tankless is going down. 

Ben explains through innovation and more and more plumbers becoming familiar with installing tankless water heaters, the price of tankless will continue to go down.

Tankless is more affordable than ever.

Mechanical Hub speaks the truth about how the prices of tanks are going up while the cost of tankless is going down.

Tankless Myth 1
Myth #1

Tankless doesn't work with cold inlet temperatures.

The Tankless Truth is, our water heaters will deliver 5 gallons per minute with 40-degree groundwater, equal to running three showers simultaneously. 

Tankless Myth 3
Myth #3

Venting is too expensive on tankless water heaters.

The Tankless Truth is, we’ve made venting affordable. 

Tankless Myth 4
Myth #4

Tankless is more expensive to maintain than tanks.

The Tankless Truth is, maintenance for our tankless water heaters is not more expensive than a tank.