Rinnai America eCommerce Program

Consumers have come to expect a best-in-class experience from Rinnai, regardless of whether they visit a wholesaler, retailer or work with a dealer. Shoppers trust that they will receive an exceptional interaction with Rinnai across all channels and the internet is no exception. As such, Rinnai has launched a new eCommerce Program.


To be considered, E-Tailers must demonstrate the willingness and ability to provide an exceptional Rinnai-branded online experience. Authorized E-Tailers will provide a platform for digital merchandising, support consumers with product research & selection, and deliver superior customer service. Rinnai Authorized E-Tailers are exclusively permitted to sell Rinnai products on the Internet. Please review the Rinnai Authorized E-Tailer Selection Policy for complete program information including the requirements to qualify as an Authorized E-Tailer, program benefits and expectations. Companies that want to sell Rinnai products on the Internet should complete and submit the Rinnai Online Sales Application and Agreement.


Rinnai’s distributor agreement does not normally allow distributors to sell to customers who resell Rinnai Products through the internet. Rinnai’s updated Distribution Online Reseller Policy allows a temporary and limited waiver of this contractual prohibition. Please review the 'Distribution Online Reseller Policy' for complete terms and conditions. Effective immediately and before making any sales to any E-Tailers, Rinnai Distributors must confirm whether the E-Tailer is Rinnai authorized.

What is Rinnai’s eCommerce Program?

The Rinnai eCommerce Program protects the integrity of the Rinnai brand online by ensuring an optimal consumer experience from purchase to installation, as well as protecting reseller margins on and offline. The program includes the establishment of an Authorized E-Tailer Selection Policy, updated Rinnai Distribution Policy and Rinnai Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) Policy.

What is a Rinnai Authorized E-Tailer?

Online retailers that meet and acknowledge program criteria and comply with the Rinnai Distribution Policy are eligible to become Rinnai Authorized E-Tailers. Rinnai Authorized E-Tailers are exclusively permitted to sell Rinnai products online. 

What is the Rinnai IMAP policy?

Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) Policy is designed to protect reseller margins and ensure price parity across sales channels. Rinnai’s IMAP Policy stipulates the lowest price an item is allowed to be advertised at on any distributor’s (wholesaler, retailer) website or in advertising materials. Rinnai’s IMAP Policy covers the advertised price. It is not an agreement on the price at which Rinnai’s E-Tailers sell Rinnai products.

Why does Rinnai have an Authorized E-Tailer Program and IMAP?

Rinnai is committed to continued investments in consumer driven technologies and innovation as well as an exceptional online Rinnai experience. To ensure this, we have established a program to authorize selected e-tailers who meet stringent requirements intended to support and advance the Rinnai brand and its innovative technologies.

How often are Authorized E-Tailers updated and audited and how do I get an up to date list?

Rinnai may, at its own discretion, update the Authorized E-Tailer list at any time. Click to access complete program information, including enrollment guidelines and expectations for Authorized E-Tailers.

What is the term of the Authorized E-Tailer Selection Policy?

The Policy may be modified, extended, suspended, discontinued, or rescinded in whole or in part by notice from Rinnai at any time. Any such notice will describe the nature of any such modification, extension, suspension, discontinuation, or rescission of the Policy. No E-Tailer has the right to rely on the continued existence of the Policy, Rinnai’s enforcement of the Policy, or their continued ability to market and sell Rinnai’s products.

What if an unauthorized E-Tailer requests Rinnai digital assets?

They are made available to ONLY Authorized E-Tailers.

How do I report violations of IMAP or unauthorized E-Tailers that I find selling online?

We’re working hard to ensure that only Authorized E-Tailers are selling Rinnai products online while adhering to IMAP. From time to time there will be violations that we need to address. The best way to report that information is to email etailer@rinnai.us with the following details:

  1. The e-tailer name
  2. A link to their website
  3. The advertised selling price (if IMAP related)
  4. A screen shot of the issue
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