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Rinnai Commercial Water Heating System Debuts at ASPE

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New Tankless Rack System Simplifies Commercial Plumbing Design

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. (Oct. 29, 2012) - Rinnai America Corporation is giving attendees a first-hand look at its new Tankless Rack System (TRS) during the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) Convention and Exposition, Oct. 29 through 30 at booth #2249. The system provides all the features and benefits of tankless technology for commercial applications. These pre-assembled multi-unit systems provide a superior water heating solution to commercial water heater systems and conventional hot water supply boilers.

TRS solutions, which provide from 400,000 BTUs to 5 million BTUs and up to 14,700 gallons per hour, are available in free-standing or wall-mounted options for indoor or outdoor applications. For easy movement and installation on the job site, the fully assembled, free-standing version of the TRS fits through a standard 32-inch doorway. These plug-and-play systems are modular, meaning a contractor can install one TRS module of 1.2 million BTUs or use two TRS modules of 600,000 BTUs within the boiler room.

“Our TRS takes significantly less time to install and provides the end customer with the security of industry-leading, built-in redundancy,” said Adam Hersh, national commercial development manager at Rinnai. “The TRS is readily available through Rinnai’s nationwide network of wholesale distributors.”

Indoor installations can be configured with either Rinnai's standard polypropylene concentric venting or its new Common Venting System. Rinnai's Common Venting System supports vent runs up to 100 feet for up to 1.4 million BTUs or up to 41 feet for 1.6 million BTUs on a single system using the same exhaust and intake venting to simplify plumbing design. For systems larger than 1.4 million BTUs needing venting over 41 feet, two systems could be used together to get the required BTUs and still allow venting up to 100 feet. The Common Vent exhaust flue uses a CSA-certified and tested polypropylene venting system. For intake venting, Rinnai recommends using Schedule 40 PVC, which can be obtained from local plumbing distributors.

Common Venting is available with the TRS or can be ordered separately for any application requiring multiple condensing units.

“You can trust Rinnai to provide a level of performance and service that suits the most demanding commercial applications, from helping find the right sized system to support well after installation,” said Hersh.

For sizing and configuration assistance, call a Rinnai Application Engineer at 800-621-9419, then press 6.

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Rinnai America Corporation, a subsidiary of Rinnai Corporation in Nagoya, Japan, was established in 1974 and is headquartered in Peachtree City ,Georgia. Rinnai Corporation manufactures gas appliances including tankless water heaters, a wide range of kitchen appliances and heating and air conditioning units. As the technology leader in its industry, Rinnai is the largest gas appliance manufacturer in Japan and is the number-one selling brand of tankless gas water heaters in North America. Annual corporate revenues, including those of its subsidiaries, are in excess of $3.1 billion. With a global perspective to create 21st century products for the home and business, Rinnai Corporation commits itself to safety and the pursuit of comfortable lifestyles. For more information about Rinnai’s entire product line, visit rinnai.us.