Hugo X-1 Battery Backup System

Hugo X-1 Battery Backup System Image

Why should you get the Hugo Batter Backup System?

The Hugo Battery Backup System, made by Safeguard Power Solutions, is specifically designed for Tankless Water Heaters and gas appliances in both residential and commercial applications for use either indoor or outdoor. It can be used with other non-flow devices as well to give you a continuous uninterrupted hot water supply even during a power outage.

  • Hot water usage of 1 hour per day with sufficient power for 5-7 days
  • All continuous flow calculations based on maximum performance (Btu input)
Watch Video    Discover how you can incorporate the HUGO X-1
into your Rinnai Tankless Water Heater System.

Hugo X-1 Applications:

  • Can charge computers, cellphones and act as a portable power station
  • Perfect for homes or small businesses such as restaurants, clinics, small offices, laundries, salons, etc.
  • Sell sheet and Spec sheet are currently available on the portal at and the marketing playbook
  • Discover how the HUGOX-1 can be incorporated into a planned schema by visiting the Rinnai BIM/Revit resources 

What is the Hugo X-1?

  • A 500VA/ 350W uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • A Battery with specific maintenance and charging instructions to prolong its life
  • Designed for tankless, it has a flow sensor that can be removed for running non-flow devices
  • Capable of supplying constant clean power and protect downstream appliances

Hugo X-1 connector sensorHugo X-1 flow sensor cable

    For more information and technical documentation on the HUGO X-1 visit the Safeguard Power Solutions website or call their number 855-484-6797 directly.