The Power of Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters for the Future of California Homes


At first glance, this craftsman-style home set in the hills of Northern California looks like a typical home for a family with two-and-a-half kids and a labrador retriever. But if you had special goggles that could read the home’s energy use, you’d quickly see how this isn’t a typical home. Rather it's PulteGroup’s zero net energy (ZNE) home prototype, bringing the future of green energy to life with the power of Rinnai tankless water heaters.

For Pulte, the goal of the home was to develop better processes for building clean energy homes for the future, and specifically, to be a prototype of the new residential energy requirements for 2020 set by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The home incorporates solar panels to absorb energy for use and also uses materials and appliances, including Rinnai’s RUR tankless water heater model, to efficiently consume energy. When the home’s energy consumption and production equate each other, it creates a zero-net energy status.

For the ZNE prototype, Pulte chose Rinnai’s Ultra Series RUR tankless water heater for its high-performing water- and energy-conserving features - two benefits perfectly aligned with California’s future.

Future Expectations Met Today

We expect natural resources will be used significantly less than they currently are in the future. But it’s most likely not our habits that will make this change; it's our appliances. Rinnai’s RUR tankless water heater has brought this dream of conserving water and energy to the here and now. With its smart technology that heats water as it's needed, our tankless unit will reduce the Pulte ZNE home’s energy consumption up to 40 percent, compared to a tank that continuously heats and reheats a large reservoir of water.

In addition to energy efficiency, Rinnai’s tankless water heater is engineered with a breakthrough in recirculation technology - a steady supply line of heated water during active circulation periods. This makes hot water rapidly available in the home’s showers, sinks and appliances at the point that hot water is needed - saving wait time and waste.

California’s Dream Tankless Water Heater

The west coast lifestyle is known for its inspiring tech taking consumers to the next level of awareness. Rinnai’s wireless technology makes it a perfect match for Pulte’s ZNE California home. With Rinnai’s Wi-Fi module, app and push buttons wirelessly connected to the home’s RUR98i tankless unit, the homeowner will have complete control of their gas tankless water heater.

Using the Rinnai app, the homeowner can check on maintenance updates, connect with a dealer, and even start the recirculation system that heats water to save time and waste. In addition, the home has Rinnai’s wireless push buttons placed near points of use, like the kitchen faucet or bathroom sink, serving as another convenient option for activating the recirculation.

Another significant benefit for Pulte choosing Rinnai’s Wi-Fi system is that it complies with California Energy Commission’s Title 24 requirements to conserve water by using its sensor to measure the water temperature at the furthest point and turn off the recirculation when the water gets to the desired temperature.

With all of these benefits added up, a Rinnai RUR tankless water heater is a great opportunity for the home to save water and energy, helping it maintain the zero-net energy status and the 2020 requirements set by CPUC.

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