Storm Services Trusts Rinnai for Endless Hot Water


Most people take hot water for granted and don’t really think much about it until they don’t have it. That’s especially true when hurricanes and other natural disasters strike.

Fortunately, Storm Services, a disaster relief company located across the southeastern United States, is on the scene - setting up base camps in affected areas to provide residents with basic household needs, including laundry and showers trailers that rely on Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters to provide an endless supply of hot water.

Following natural disasters, Storm Services arrives with as many as 100 trailers, each one equipped with two Rinnai RL94 tankless water heaters, to help more than 30,000 people.

The shower trailers, with half a dozen dormitory showers lining each walls and personal stations with mirrors and sinks, are on site for residents and aid workers to use as needed. Its laundry trailers allow access to washers, dryers and other items, including detergent, sinks and laundry bags.

In many ways, these trailers are a life line to survivors, providing them products and services a natural disaster survivor might need to complete the simplest tasks, and yet, gain the biggest reward: to simply be clean.