Rinnai Provides Historic Inn with a Modern Hot Water Solution


Ruby’s Inn, a historic 370-room hotel located in Bryce Canyon City, Utah, was losing some $60,000 a year in guest discounts and refunds due to hot water issues. Its aging water heater infrastructure simply couldn’t handle multitudes of guests (including the growing tour bus crowd) showering at the same time. With no redundancy system in place, when one of the inn’s boilers would go down, it would take close to an hour before it could recover. The result? A lot of complaints from hotel guests – and hotel profits down the drain.

The sheer size, scale and remote location of the Ruby’s Inn hot water challenge may have scared off some manufacturers. But not Rinnai. Our experienced commercial team developed a total turnkey solution – one that included high-efficiency equipment uniquely and seamlessly blended with the inn’s existing system. We performed a complete analysis of the gallon-per-minute flow in each building to ensure correct sizing. And we provided a ROI calculation savings around $6,000 per month.

Most importantly, though, Rinnai committed to seeing the Ruby’s Inn commercial tankless water heater project through from beginning to end. That’s what truly set our company apart. A Rinnai team remained onsite throughout the entire process, from the system’s initial design and engineering to product installation, customer service and full tech support.

By the project’s completion, Rinnai had installed 175 tankless water heaters, 35 tankless rack systems and four demand duos. That’s a total of 214 Rinnai units – with zero problems, according to Ron Harris, the hotel’s health and safety manager. That’s right. Since the hot water system’s installation, Ruby’s Inn has experienced not one complaint. Not one fluctuation. Not one lost dollar.

For more on how Rinnai is enhancing lives by changing the way water is heated at Ruby’s Inn, watch the video below. And then contact us at 1-800-621-9419 to see what Rinnai can do for you!