Millennials Go Tankless in Builder magazine’s Responsive Home Project at 2016 Int'l Builder’s Show


At this year’s International Builder’s Show, Builder magazine showcased its Responsive Home Project, a two-home project including a contemporary transitional home and a contemporary farmhouse. Both homes featured Rinnai’s Ultra Series Tankless Water Heaters to help match the home’s purpose - new construction for the millennial generation.

Much of the Millennial generation, born between 1980 and 2000, are now homeowners. It’s their uncompromising attitude towards customized, functional technology that makes Rinnai’s energy-efficient tankless water heaters a perfect match for these buyers.

With sites like Fast Company and Bloomberg taking notice of the project, many are talking about what homeownership looks like for the millennial generation and which features are highly desirable.

According to Builder magazine’s poll, 99 percent of Millennials find customization and convenience control integral in their lives. With Rinnai’s Ultra Series Tankless Water Heaters, these priorities have been met. Rinnai’s ENERGY STAR® qualified Ultra Series features energy-efficient performance, space savings and an endless supply of hot water.