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Retiring Comfortably with Tankless Hot Water

Tankless Water Heater Savings Featured in Home For Life

Retiring Comfortably with Tankless Hot Water




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According to a recent AARP study, 84 percent of Baby Boomers say they plan to stay in their current home during retirement, however, only 16 percent have taken steps to adapt their home for the next several decades.

An endless supply of hot water is just one of the benefits tankless water heaters offer homeowners. In addition to the comfort and convenience, tankless hot water heaters lower energy bills — in some cases up to 40% — month after month for 20 years or more — a cumulative savings budget-savvy Baby Boomers and retirees are increasingly mindful about.

Remodeling Magazine has launched an online tool, Home for Life, to guide the renovation process to make aging-in-place homes friendlier to live in from design and cost perspectives.

Energy efficient tankless water heaters, installed by a tankless water heater dealer, are key to that equation: they save up to 16 square feet of space while helping conserve a home’s monthly expense budget.

Home For Life

Home for Life provides a virtual home showcasing remodeling techniques to save money and live well throughout retirement.

The home focuses on the needs of a hypothetical couple, married almost 40 years, who decide to continue living in their current home after retirement to remain near family, friends, and community services.

The interactive tour shows homeowners and remodelers how to adapt a home for aging in place, incorporate universal design into any renovation plan, and save money and hassle by selecting low-maintenance materials and products.

Notably, Home For Life shows how to lower your home’s utility costs for years through energy-efficient products with long life cycles like tankless water heaters.

The tour explains that tankless water heaters “operate only when hot water is called for, delivering an endless supply of hot water — even simultaneously to multiple faucets and appliances — while using up to 40 percent less energy than tank-style water.” Moreover, their design “delivers up to 95 percent thermal efficiency.”

Welcome Home

Ready for an unending supply of hot water and continuous savings?

When ready to take the tankless plunge, find a dealer to provide a quote based on your home’s layout or renovation plan.

Your local trained dealer will coordinate the onsite installation to ensure your tankless unit is the best design to maximize the efficient supply of hot water throughout your home.

Welcome home for life.



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