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Bathroom Oasis

Renovating with Tankless to Improve Property Value

Bathroom Oasis




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Should I remodel, or should I sell? Should I stay, or should I go?

For most homeowners, these enduring questions have been compounded with the real-estate market’s collapse, its glacial-paced recovery, and the poor job market. Many are staying put and planning to live in their current homes longer.

With more homeowners nesting in place longer, many are opting to remodel to add comfort now and increased value when the time is right to sell.

Bathrooms are ideal for starting a home renovation since upgrades have immediate benefits for homeowners while satisfying a major priority on a future buyers’ wish list. In fact, a mid-priced bathroom renovation recoups 71% of project costs on average while an upscale project recovers 61%, according to Remodeling Magazine.

In addition to adding value, renovation rebates and tax credits for energy-efficient appliances, such as a gas tankless hot water heater, make remodeling more attractive.

Tankless hot water heaters provide the luxury of limitless hot water — a stand-out feature for current buyers seeking the comfort of a more livable, retreat-style bathroom with over-sized showers and attractive amenities. Tankless hot water heaters also use up to 40% less energy than traditional tank-style units and can last twice as long.

Those savings increase by replacing old fixtures with low-flow alternatives, installing water-conserving, high-efficiency toilets, and adopting eco-friendly practices such as using CFL or LED light bulbs. These cumulative changes increase value while decreasing annual energy expenses by several hundred dollars — or more.

For advice on designing and remodeling a dream bathroom affordably, download a complimentary guide, Designing Your New Oasis: Tips for Achieving a Beautiful and Efficient Bathroom. This overview on bathroom remodeling discusses incentives for starting a home makeover with the bathroom, presents the latest trends in bathroom design including more benefits of going tankless, and details methods to ensure your home’s new oasis is eco-friendly — for both your family and your home’s future owners.



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