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Southern Hospitality Made Easy

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Southern Hospitality Made Easy




Efficient Living

Hospitality in the South runs deep. Being a good host begins with welcoming guests inside a home that feels effortless inside. The Southern Living Idea House is famous for well-coordinated design, top-of-the-line products and concepts homeowners can replicate in their homes. In 2013, Southern Living hand-picked some of the most talented builders, designers and brands in the industry to create a one-of-a-kind property located on the grounds of Fontanel, the former home of country music legend Barbara Mandrell. And while the house alone is striking, the most impressive part is in the details.

 A Design Dream

Thoughtful pieces like the kitchen's show-stopping black-walnut counters and a neutral color palate of calming creams and soft grays give the spacious house a surprisingly cozy feel. Bathrooms are luxurious with sleek marble vanities, eye-catching bathroom tiles, and finished with smart and functional products like tankless water heaters featured throughout the property.

Comfort and Convenience

Rinnai is proud to be the official water heater sponsor of the 2013 Southern Living Idea House. Our tankless water heaters supply the Southern Living Idea House with something priceless – the comfort and convenience of continuous hot water and are showcased in the main house, guest house, two stand-alone bunk houses, and the garage.

For more information about the 2013 Southern Living Idea House and endless ideas, head to the inspiring Pinterest board, http://pinterest.com/southernliving/sneak-peek-nashville-idea-house/ check out the August issue of Southern Living magazine, tour the home, or enjoy the concert series, Biscuits & Jam. For more information about the entire line Rinnai of products, go to our website, www.rinnai.us.



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