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Keeping up with the Blakes

Reduce Your Utility Costs and Carbon Footprint Like They Did

Keeping up with the Blakes




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Knowing that 29 percent of your home’s energy usage goes towards heating with 14 percent of that being use to provide hot water for every day activities, it makes sense to evaluate the efficiency of your current heating methods, as costs can really add up­—especially if you’re relying on old, inefficient equipment.

Take for example, Jim Blake a resident of Danvers, Mass. In 2009, Jim renovated his 1958 Campanelli-style ranch home and replaced his existing oil boiler with a wall-mounted condensing gas boiler—and he’s never looked back. Since the installation, Blake has seen significant energy savings.

Old oil boilers, like the one Jim replaced, typically earn a 60 to 70 percent efficiency rating. The new high-efficiency gas boiler is more than 95 percent efficient, which helps reduce fuel usage and, therefore, the accompanying bills.

When comparing the 2008-2009 heating season to the 2009-2010 heating season, Jim determined that the new boiler had a significant reduction in fuel costs. With some quick calculations based on the number of days the boiler was needed in each of the heating seasons, Jim was able to determine the cost of running both boilers and compare the savings.

“If I’d owned the new boiler in 2008 and 2009, I’d have saved 53 percent on fuel,” Blake said.

If he continued to run his old boiler during the 2009-2010 heating season, fuel costs would have been $887 higher than the cost of running the 95-percent AFUE rated boiler. The boiler reduced energy usage—and utility costs—by more than 50 percent.

In addition to the lower utility bills, Jim also reduced his carbon footprint. The boiler is reducing emissions of CO2 green house gases by 3.5 tons, per year and providing ample heat and hot water to keep Jim’s family happy.

“My house has never been more comfortable,” Jim added.

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