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Homeowner Reaps Benefits

Condensing Gas Boiler Lowers Energy Bill

Homeowner Reaps Benefits




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Homeowner Reaps Benefits of Installing a Rinnai Condensing Gas Boiler “... I can see the savings on my energy bills”

Like most people, Nick Conte was interested in ultimate comfort for his family. And that is exactly what he got after upgrading his 1,000-square-foot whole home-heating and water-heating system to a Rinnai Condensing Gas Boiler.

 Previously, the three-story residence was heated by a Hydro Therm boiler—125,000 Btu input and 102,000 Btu output—and a 40-gallon traditional storage tank with an Energy Factor (EF) of. 59 supplied hot water. After the swap out, the Conte family, located in Dedham, Mass., gets both hot water and whole-home heating from the single Rinnai Condensing Gas Boiler, which earns an AFUE rating of 95.5, the highest in the industry.

 To demonstrate the Conte family’s savings when comparing the new boiler to the older heating system, Nick recorded his gas usage for an entire heating season post install, including months with no heating degree days. After an apples-to-apples comparison, the combi boiler saved approximately 26 percent—or 514 therms—compared to the previous system.

 “…I know I’m not spending money to heat water I’m not using,” said Conte. “Better still, with such high efficiency, I can see the savings on my energy bills.”

 Nick also wanted to compare the boiler’s domestic hot water savings compared to the traditional tank previously in use. During a one-month comparison, the boiler proved to be approximately 37 percent more efficient than the traditional tank-style—another win for the Rinnai condensing boiler.

 Beyond reduced utility bills, Conte understood the importance of reducing the family’s impact on the environment. Projected for the first 12 months, the boiler prevented more than 2,900 pounds of CO2.

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