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A Greener Clean

Making Your Laundry Room and Routine More Eco-Friendly

A Greener Clean




Efficient Living

Tankless water heaters have made it possible for millions to enjoy consistent and continuous hot water while saving up to 40% on their energy bill. Savings actually start from day one with tankless rebates from state and city governments and local utility firms rewarding consumer decisions to tread with a lighter carbon footprint. 

Additional easy, eco-friendly adjustments to your laundry room and routine will further ensure that your utility bill doesn’t clean out your wallet.

1. Only wash full loads. Reducing the amount of your smaller loads and washing more items together will lighten your carbon footprint considerably. Be sure to adjust the water level to your load size or select the auto-level option if you have a smart washer.

2. Wash clothes in cold water. Per load, only 10% of total energy used goes to the washer motor; the rest heats water. Loads washed in cold water come out as clean as those that get the hot water treatment.

3. Use a concentrated detergent. Smaller packages require less space for shipping and deliver more clean loads. Be extra green and make your own detergent with basic ingredients available at your grocery store.

4. Hang clothes up or outside to dry. Drip-drying doesn’t result in any greenhouse gas emissions, and it’s cooler for your home during warmer months. Exchange outdoor-inspired dryer sheets for Mother Nature.

5. Don’t over dry. When you have to use your dryer, simply dry loads for shorter periods and even hang damp. Dryer balls also help pound fabric and may speed up the drying process.

6. Keep iron in your diet and off the board. Irons heat up your energy usage and deteriorate clothes. Fold items immediately after they’re finished drying, pressing with your hands to smooth the fabric.



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