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Apartment Complex’s Energy Efficiency Soars (Part Two)

Rinnai Combi Boilers Save Energy and Installation Costs

Apartment Complex’s Energy Efficiency Soars (Part Two)

Meadowbrook Gardens, an apartment complex in Parsippany, N.J., underwent an extensive renovation, including upgrades to the heating and hot-water systems. After determining the most cost-effective way to get the Rinnai Condensing Combi Boilers into the basement of the multi-housing complex, Beta American Services, the contractor, drew up a schematic for the boiler assembly and then built one to serve as a template.

The Transition

Fortunately, the basements of the apartment buildings offered ample wall space.  The contractor’s crew mounted the boiler panels on the walls and readied all of the piping, setting them up for a quick transfer once the old boiler was shut down. The crew then coordinated with the local gas utility to have individual gas meters installed and inspected for each unit. With these steps completed, the crew was able to finish connecting the boilers to the fixtures of each apartment. With its efficient installation method, the crew was able to transfer over to the new heating and hot-water system with almost no downtime. Minimizing downtime was especially critical, as the project took place during fall and winter.

“Beta American Services clearly did their due diligence before they even attempted the job instead of just going in and installing a bunch of boilers,” said David Vaccari, partner at Advance Hydronics. “They had a great plan in place, and that saved significant time and labor costs.”

Wrapping It Up

Advanced Hydronics provided technical support throughout the project and trained Meadowbrook Gardens’ staff on proper operation and maintenance of the new equipment. The project ran smoothly and was finished in the first quarter of 2013. According to Monahan, the apartment complex has already reported remarkable energy savings.

“With the old hot water boilers, the property owner was paying up to $40,000 a month for gas,” Monahan said. “Not long after we installed the Rinnai boilers, the manager of the complex told me that some of the tenants were saying that their new monthly gas bills were between $40 and $60. So, with 151 apartments, that would be a total of less than $10,000 a month. Those are pretty significant savings.”

Monahan was very pleased with his first experience using Rinnai boilers on a project. He has saved the template from the Meadowbrook Gardens project and plans to use it for future projects that require multiple boilers.

“The low-loss headers of the Rinnai boilers certainly helped us save some time, and the system went together very smoothly,” Monahan said. “I also like that the boilers have a plastic jacket, as opposed to a metal jacket, for corrosion resistance, especially when we’re working in high-humidity areas. They won’t rust and they’re easy to clean.”

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