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“L” is for Laundry

Whether you like laundry or not—and we’re betting on not—to keep your family’s clothes clean, you wash nearly 300 loads of laundry per year. Add in the effect laundry can have on your energy and water bills and you like it even less. But don’t fear, there are a few adjustments you can make to your laundry room and your routine that can help ensure your related bills don’t clean out your wallet.

Go Cold

On average per load, only 10 percent of total energy used goes to the washer motor—the rest heats water. When appropriate, select the cold setting. For those loads that need hot water and any other…

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Trends In Showers

It’s Getting Hot in Here

POSTED 05/09/2014 | BY

Whether you’re just waking up and need the right start to your day, or it’s the end of a long day and you’re ready to relax, a hot shower is the go-to solution. A remedy for so many…

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Increase Energy Efficiency

With A Few Simple Steps

POSTED 04/30/2014

With April showers behind us, bring on May flowers and Spring weather! This means cleaning gutters and power washing patio furniture. It also means prepping your home for warmer,…

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Right-Sized Products

Help Maximize Space

POSTED 04/21/2014 | BY

Most homeowners at some time or another could use more room. From storage and shelving to entertaining, the reasons for needing more usable space are endless. Manufacturers are…

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Find More Space

By Going Tankless

POSTED 04/01/2014 | BY

How many times have you wished you had extra storage around the house? One extra closet isn’t too much to ask for, is it? This may come as a surprise, but there may be some hidden…

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Battling the Polar Vortex

Protecting Your Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

POSTED 02/25/2014 | BY

It's no secret that the recent winter weather is proving to be anything but mild. While ensuring you and your family are protected from the elements with groceries, flashlights with…

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Reasons Why…

We Love Hot Water

POSTED 02/14/2014

While Hallmark, 1-800Flowers and Russell Stover help you tell the special person in your life how much you love them during the month of February, let’s be honest—love should be…

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Give Thanks

‘Tis The Season for Warmth and Comfort

POSTED 11/28/2013 | BY

The holidays are here and so are the family gatherings, lavish meals and the stresses that come with them. With all of the craziness, it’s time to pause and be thankful for the good…

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Dueling Fuels

Natural Gas, Propane or Electric – What’s Right for You?

POSTED 10/30/2013 | BY

In a world with multiple fuel options, selecting one can be difficult. Don’t worry, keep reading.

If you have decided that a tankless water heater is right for you and your family,…

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7 Tips For Tankless Water Heater Venting

Discuss These Venting Features with a Tankless Water Heater Installer

POSTED 10/15/2012 | BY

The selection of a tankless water heater is one of the most important decisions a homeowner makes to decrease utility expenses and lower energy consumption.

Once selected, the…

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