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From Kitchen to Table

Restaurants Benefit from Reliable, Tankless Hot Water

POSTED 06/11/2013 | BY

If a restaurant’s kitchen were to suddenly find itself without hot water, dishes wouldn’t get cleaned. A lack of clean dishes means the food doesn’t go out. And if this were to…

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It Takes Hot Water to Make a Cold Beer

Why BearWaters Brewing Company Chose Tankless

POSTED 05/13/2013 | BY

After a long day at work or play, many enjoy heading home to enjoy a nice cold beer, but did you know just how essential a reliable source of hot water is for making that…

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Tax Break for Going Tankless

Act Now to Get Your $300 Federal Tax Credit

POSTED 01/23/2013

Installing a Rinnai tankless water heater just became a better deal for your pocketbook.  Federal legislation enacted on January 2 retroactively reinstates the tax credits that…

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Retiring Comfortably with Tankless Hot Water

Tankless Water Heater Savings Featured in Home For Life

POSTED 11/16/2012 | BY

According to a recent AARP study, 84 percent of Baby Boomers say they plan to stay in their current home during retirement, however, only 16 percent have taken steps to adapt…

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Hot Tankless Rebate

Limited-Time Offer Assists Consumers Becoming Energy Efficient

POSTED 07/16/2012 | BY

Consumers choose a tankless water heater over a traditional tank-style water heater for a myriad of reasons: endless hot water, up to 40% energy savings, the ability to use…

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Bathroom Oasis

Renovating with Tankless to Improve Property Value

POSTED 03/28/2012 | BY

Should I remodel, or should I sell? Should I stay, or should I go?

For most homeowners, these enduring questions have been compounded with the real-estate market’s collapse, its…

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Rest, Relaxation, & Tankless

Tankless Water Heating Leads Hotel's Energy-Efficient Design

POSTED 02/22/2012 | BY

Forever hot water? Now that’s room service!

The mission of the Holiday Inn and Suites in Columbia, S.C., is to deliver rest and relaxation through energy- efficient amenities.…

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Living the Dream Home

Rinnai Warms Up HGTV Dream Home 2012

POSTED 02/10/2012 | BY

The dream life will be a reality for the winner of the HGTV Dream Home 2012: three Rinnai tankless water heaters deliver energy-saving hot water to River Meadows Ranch situated on…

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Get Tanked on Tankless

Rinnai Turns Up the Heat with Digital Resource Center

POSTED 01/31/2012 | BY

Since insights into tankless water heating should flow as continuously as its hot water and savings, Rinnai has enhanced its website with a blog, Think Tankless, for consumers and…

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The Natural Choice

Heating Oil Costs Escalate as Gas Prices Plummet

POSTED 01/31/2012 | BY

For the eight million Americans who use heating oil, soaring fuel costs have prompted chilly home owners warm up to make a switch to natural gas whose prices have fallen to…

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