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There’s No Place Like Home

Make Your House Livable for Years to Come

POSTED 07/30/2013 | BY

Life changes at 65, for most this is retirement age. Generally life's pace slows and more time is often spent with family and close friends. And for a staggering 90% (according to…

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A New Bathroom Spa

Good for the Pocketbook and the Environment

POSTED 05/16/2013 | BY

Low-flow showerheads. Today’s modern showerheads can flow at a rate less than 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm), which is a huge improvement from before 1992 when the average…

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Tankless Water Heaters

The Freedom of Hot Water Whenever You Need It-Yes, Whenever!

POSTED 03/05/2013 | BY

Know it or not, you plan your life around your use of hot water. Admit it — between showers, laundry, maybe a bath or two for the kids, running the dishwasher, not to mention a…

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Condensing Boilers

They Might Surprise You!

POSTED 03/05/2013 | BY

Did you know certain boilers can provide homeowners a comfortable, whole-home heating and water-heating solution that is reliable and cost efficient? It’s true. Modulating…

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Cooking Up Savings

Efficient Kitchen Routines Are Recipe for Consuming Less Energy

POSTED 03/07/2012 | BY

Hot water is critical to cooking, cleaning, and sanitizing in the kitchen. With a tankless water heater, you receive all the hot water you need in this all-important room and save…

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A Greener Clean

Making Your Laundry Room and Routine More Eco-Friendly

POSTED 02/15/2012 | BY

Tankless water heaters have made it possible for millions to enjoy consistent and continuous hot water while saving up to 40% on their energy bill. Savings actually start from day…

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Green Living Rinnaissance

Become Your Neighborhood’s Eco-Friendly Epicenter

POSTED 01/31/2012 | BY

Living more conveniently, while saving money and impacting the environment less, is a luxury that Rinnai’s energy-efficient water heating technology has made possible and…

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