8 reasons to become and ACE Dealer

8 Reasons to Become an ACE Dealer Today


Rinnai has an unwavering commitment to dealers who sell, install and service our products while consistently providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. Through participation in our Advanced Comfort Expert™ (ACE) Program, you’ll have the support and access to resources you need to fulfill your business’s potential in key areas such as sales, marketing and training.  The program’s many benefits enhance your business in a variety of ways – here are 8 reasons to become an ACE dealer today:


  1. More leads. More business.

Each year, the Rinnai website receives one million unique visitors. So what does this mean for ACE Dealers? Thanks to ACE Dealers’ priority placement on the Rinnai.us dealer locator, they are able to capture a larger share of the leads – all of which are trackable and measurable. With this higher visibility, your business is top-of-mind for those searching for Rinnai Tankless Water Heater installers in their area.


  1. Track calls. Maximize conversions.

Delivering the right training tools, Rinnai will teach you how to close the deal on the call. Did you know that ACE Dealers experience 10.4 times more conversions when employees ask for the sale on the call?  A dedicated number assigned to each ACE Dealer allows them to track phone leads from Rinnai, including the number of calls, time of day and peak performance.


  1. Sharpen your team’s skill set.

ACE Dealers get early access and free tuition for all best-in-class Rinnai training, making your team even more valuable as industry experts. 7 out of 10 companies find that employing certified/accredited team members helps them increase competitiveness.


  1. Less waiting. More doing.

Waiting on hold can be a pain … ACE Dealers receive unique priority response codes which lead to reduced wait times for assistance from our industry-leading support team. ACE Dealers who call Rinnai’s support team are seeing a 35% faster response time than standard wait times.


  1. Close higher ticket sales.

Rinnai’s consumer financing helps you close more sales, grow your business and improve your profit margin in Rinnai sales. ACE Dealers receive exclusive discounts on dealer fees – 3% buy-down, up to $90 per Rinnai unit. With Rinnai financing options, the average sale for an ACE Dealer is 22% higher.


  1. Have the entire Rinnai brand behind you.

Differentiate your business by leveraging marketing materials featuring Rinnai and ACE logos, in addition to a dedicated landing page on the Rinnai website. Rinnai is the top-selling brand of tankless water heaters in North America – use this to your advantage!


  1. Dealer-shared feedback that improves the brand.

ACE Dealers share their knowledge, insights and experience with Rinnai by participating in market research. Your feedback will help us optimize our products and services and provide you with key insights to help optimize your business.


  1. Customer satisfaction.

Rinnai’s standards for quality remain unsurpassed. 4.5 out of 5 customers are extremely satisfied with their purchase and would recommend the Rinnai brand. ACE Dealers have the opportunity to receive customer satisfaction surveys after each installation, which helps enhance your reputation and retain more customers.


If you would like to elevate your business and become an ACE Dealer, visit https://www.rinnai.us/professionals/enroll.