March 6, 2012

Quick Tool Reveals Long-Lasting ROI

It’s true: tankless water heaters will cut up to 40% off your monthly energy bill.

By heating water instantaneously and only when you need it, you and your family members can enjoy continuous, uninterrupted hot water at the same time, along with savings over a conventional tank.

Now see the difference for yourself. Find out exactly how much money tankless can keep in your pocket with the Tankless Energy Savings Calculator.

For a comparison to your current hot water tank, simply input your zip code and select the tank’s fuel type (electric, natural gas, or propane), age, size, and number of units. You can also calculate projected savings simply by zip code, fuel type, and the tankless model.

Your savings report will reveal your energy cost per therm, energy factor, annual energy in therms, CO2 emissions in pounds, and your annual energy cost in your area — both before and after tankless.

What’s more, you will even reveal how many trees your tankless water heater will save by simply reducing your carbon footprint.

The Tankless Energy Savings Calculator is easy to use and, most importantly, will translate your interest in higher efficiency and greater convenience into real numbers for your budget.

Quantify your peace of mind today!