April 14, 2010

(PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. - April 14, 2010) - Rinnai Corporation, manufacturer of the number one selling brand of tankless gas water heaters in North America, is proud to announce that Rinnai’s tankless water heating technology has received accolades from three media outlets. The honors include being named Builder magazine’s 2010 Brand Leader in Quality, one of GreenBuilder magazine’s Hot 50 Products 2010 and Bestcovery.com’s Best Whole-House Tankless Water Heater. The third-party recognitions underscore Rinnai’s reputation for superior quality and energy efficiency, and they further reinforce the company’s position as the premier provider of tankless water heaters for residential and commercial use.

“We’re thrilled that each of these publications independently found Rinnai worthy of such distinct honors,” said Rinnai America General Manager Phil Weeks. “Builder, GreenBuilder and Bestcovery.com each target a specific segment of our customer base, and these awards communicate to all three audiences that Rinnai is a leader in the tankless industry. Tankless is the future of water heating in North America, so as builders and consumers embrace this new technology, having the endorsement of these influential publications will help instill confidence in our products and the Rinnai brand.”

Builder Magazine’s 2010 Brand Leader

Builder magazine surveyed more than 10,000 builders in the fall of 2009 to determine the publication’s 2010 Brand Leaders, which is a compilation of the industry’s most highly regarded suppliers. The survey results show that Rinnai received the highest ratings when builders evaluated the quality of water heater manufacturers. These findings led Builder magazine to award Rinnai the 2010 Brand Leader honor in the category of Water Heater Quality, recognizing the company’s strong reputation among residential builders for superior technology and performance.

GreenBuilder Hot 50 Products 2010

When creating this year’s Hot 50 Products list, GreenBuilder editors looked for ecofriendly items that work in conjunction with other elements to make a home more environmentally responsible. With up to 95 percent thermal efficiency, Rinnai’s RC80HPe condensing tankless water heater stood out from the hundreds of other eco-options considered, and it was featured in GreenBuilder’s February 2010 issue as part of a dedicated section showcasing the top green products of the year. In addition to its increased energy efficiency, the article emphasized the RC80HPe’s long lifespan and ability to run multiple hot water appliances simultaneously, both of which contribute to the unit’s appeal among homeowners.

Bestcovery.com Best Whole-House Tankless Water Heater

Bestcovery.com offers expert product reviews and purchase recommendations to consumers with the goal of simplifying the comparison shopping process. Following an evaluation of Rinnai’s R75LSi tankless model, the publication designated the unit as its pick for Best Whole-House Tankless Water Heater, citing the R75LSi’s performance, value and ENERGY STAR qualification as the primary reasons for buying the product. To read the complete Bestcovery.com review, visit www.bestcovery.com/rinnai-r75lsin-natural-gas-tanklesswater-heater. For more information about Rinnai, visit www.rinnai.us.

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