January 20, 2015

Peachtree City, Ga., January 20, 2015 -- Rinnai, the number-one selling brand of tankless water heaters in the US and Canada, is showcasing its latest products at this year’s International Builders’ Show (Booth C9102), including condensing tankless water heaters with enhanced recirculation technology to save natural resources, time and money; condensing tankless models with both concentric and PVC/CPVC venting to allow for maximum installer flexibility; and a tank-tankless hybrid that enjoys many of the benefits of a tankless, while installing like a tank water heater.

“As a technology leader in our industry, Rinnai enjoys highlighting the latest innovations in water heating technology directly to the builder and contractor community each year at the International Builders’ Show,” said Susan Mittelbrun, Rinnai America’s Vice President of Marketing.

Additionally, Rinnai America just closed out a milestone year: 2014 marked its 40th anniversary in the United States -- a year in which it also enjoyed both record unit sales and revenue, even surpassing pre-recession performance.

For more information and/or to download images of the following featured products, please visit http://www.coopersmithagency.com/rinnaipresskit/.


Water Heating Products

Ultra Series RUR98i & RUR98e

The RUR98i and RUR98e feature a breakthrough in recirculation technology that allows users to get an endless supply of hot water faster, while saving time, money and natural resources. The newest additions to the Ultra Series family of condensing tankless water heaters come equipped with an integrated pump, internal bypass line inside the unit and thermal bypass valve provided in the box, and will work with or without a dedicated recirculation line.

Ultra Series RUC98i

Rinnai’s RUC98i model is the first tankless water heater in the industry that allows for both concentric and PVC/CPVC venting from the same unit, giving installers and dealers more venting options right out of the box. Installers and dealers can now know that the model they’ve specified or have on-hand will be compatible with whichever venting installation is preferred or required when they arrive on the jobsite.

Luxury Series RL94i

Rinnai’s Luxury Series offers the highest output of Rinnai’s non-condensing line. Its Circ-Logic Technology allows homeowners to set recirculation patterns that coincide with their hot water usage patterns. This model is optimal for larger homes and light commercial projects.

Value Series V75e

The Value Series V75e is a practical water heating alternative for homes with smaller demands. Its concentric system option makes installation a breeze and delivers lasting comfort at a price that’s budget-friendly.

RH180 Hybrid Tank-Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai’s tank-tankless water heater pairs an innovative, on-demand tankless system with an ample 40-gallon storage tank, blending the benefits of advanced technology with simple supply.

Commercial Water Heating Products

Tankless Rack System (TRS)

Rinnai’s TRS features a sturdy, pre-assembled aluminum rack with multiple tankless water heaters mounted and connected to one another. The TRS delivers solutions for a full range of commercial applications, including restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, schools and universities, office buildings and multifamily housing.

Heating Products

E110C & E50C

The E Series Combi Boilers are ideal for homes with limited baths and provide heating and hot water in one compact unit. The E50C was designed specifically for multifamily applications with up to 1 ½ baths and require no secondary piping or closely spaced tees.


The Q Series Boiler is ideal for light-commercial applications or homes with separate, indirect hot water sources. Q130S provides consistent temperature delivery with installation flexibility.