January 25, 2013

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. (Jan. 18, 2013) – Rinnai America Corporation is taking homeowners’ hot-water experience to the next level with the new GrundFos® Pump and Timer Kit designed exclusively for Rinnai. As part of the American Natural Gas & Propane Industries Exhibit (Booth #C2614), Rinnai is also showcasing North America’s number-one selling brand of tankless water heaters and the company’s 21,500-Btu Direct Vent Wall Furnace during the International Builders’ Show®, Jan. 22-24 in Las Vegas.

“We’re continually engineering high-quality products to help builders differentiate themselves from the competition,” said Aaron Baugh, residential business development manager at Rinnai. “The user-friendly features and other product benefits offered by our direct vent wall furnaces, tankless water heaters and accessories, can be passed on to homeowners in the form of endless comfort, monthly utility savings and unmatched product reliability.”

Rinnai Circ-Logic™ Technology and Pump and Timer Kit

The Rinnai Circ-Logic™ technology coupled with the Pump and Timer Kit offers homeowners the comfort and convenience of instant hot water with optimal energy usage.

The combination of the Circ-Logic technology and the kit’s timer function allows homeowners to set recirculation patterns that coincide with household usage patterns.

“We’re giving homeowners ultimate control to meet their hot-water needs most efficiently. The kit ensures delivery of hot water when a homeowner requires it, all while saving energy and money during periods of inactivity,” said Baugh.

The Pump and Timer Kit is uniquely designed to supply power to the pump and timer units separately and can accommodate up to 200 feet of dedicated recirculation loops with a 3/4-inch return line.

Luxury Series Tankless Water Heaters

Rinnai’s Luxury Series of tankless water heaters offers the highest output among its non-condensing models and are engineered to satisy the demands of larger homes. Homeowners that select Luxury Series units enjoy tankless water heater benefits, such as energy efficiency, an endless supply of hot water, space-saving design and a long life span — up to 20 years.

The Luxury Series includes four models, with interior and exterior units at both 180,000- and 199,000-Btu levels. Capable of delivering up to 9.4 gallons of hot water per minute, the 199,000-Btu level units can provide continuous hot water for up to five plumbing and appliance outlets simultaneously.

In addition, the Luxury Series offers a variety of features designed to ensure top performance, as well as homeowner conveniences, including: Circ-Logic; a temperature-lock function to prevent accidental or unauthorized changes to water temperature; and a Scale Detection System, which identifies lime scale buildup and alerts the user when maintenance is required.

Value Series Tankless Water Heaters

Rinnai’s Value Series offers homeowners the same tankless-technology benefits at an introductory price point. The Value Series includes 150,000- and 180,000-Btu indoor and outdoor units, as well as a 120,000-Btu outdoor unit. The four largest models also comply with South Coast Air Quality Management District 14 ng/J or 20 ppm NOx emission levels and offer the lowest minimum input — 10,300 Btu — of any water heater in the industry.

“The Rinnai name offers added credibility to builders who work with us. Homeowners want the best and that’s exactly what they get with a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater,” added Baugh.

Direct Vent Furnaces

Also on display at the booth is the company’s 21,500-Btu Direct Vent Wall Furnace. Rinnai’s Direct Vent Wall Furnaces differ from conventional heating systems as the units do not rely on ductwork to distribute heat. Instead, the furnaces operate by dispersing warm air directly from the base of the unit, creating a more consistent room temperature and reducing troublesome cold spots.

The unit’s modulating gas valve and blower work together to ensure heat reaches all areas of the home. The furnaces adjust their heat output based on current demand and replace only the escaping heat, leading to lower gas usage and more comfortable heating.

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