January 11, 2011

(PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. - January 7, 2011) - Rinnai Corporation, manufacturer of the No. 1 selling brand of tankless gas water heaters in North America, is proud to announce that four offerings from its energy-saving product portfolio are featured in the HGTV Dream Home 2011. Located in Stowe, VT, the HGTV Dream Home 2011 is a "ski-in, ski-out" mountain lodge that blends rustic mountain appeal with modern architecture and state-of-the-art appliances. Rinnai’s Q205S condensing wall-mounted boiler and RC98HPi condensing tankless water heater supply energy-efficient home heating and water heating to the HGTV Dream Home 2011, while the company’s Impression outdoor fireplace adds a unique touch to the home’s hot tub area and the EnergySaver™ Intelligent fireplace creates a warm, relaxing atmosphere in the home’s gathering room. In addition, Rinnai is continuing the tradition of celebrating its HGTV Dream Home sponsorship with an online sweepstakes. This year, Rinnai is hosting the “A Little Dream of Your Own” Facebook® contest for consumers, with a grand prize of one Rinnai® tankless water heater and $10,000 cash toward a dream bathroom makeover.

“Year after year, the HGTV Dream Home inspires consumers by highlighting the most innovative and life-enhancing home products,” said Brad Sweet, Rinnai’s Vice President of Marketing. “By incorporating great design and advanced home technologies, the project possesses an aspirational but attainable quality and helps homeowners identify features they’d like to add to their own homes. Millions of HGTV fans will be learning about the HGTV Dream Home 2011 in the coming months, and we’re excited to be showcasing so many Rinnai® products to these renovation-oriented consumers.”


Designed to be a warm haven during cold Vermont winters, the HGTV Dream Home 2011 contains two of Rinnai’s most energy-efficient products—the Q205S condensing wall-mounted boiler and RC98HPi condensing tankless water heater. Both products incorporate condensing water heating technology, which minimizes the amount of wasted heat for supreme energy efficiency and advanced performance. Rinnai’s condensing wall-mounted boilers and condensing tankless water heaters reduce energy consumption by capturing residual heat from flue gases and transferring it into the water being heated.

Rinnai’s condensing wall-mounted boiler supplies hydronic radiant floor heating to the entire HGTV Dream Home, creating a warm, comfortable indoor environment while operating at up to 96.5 percent AFUE efficiency, which is significantly more efficient than a traditional gas boiler. A smart, space-saving option for a variety of applications, the condensing boiler may be installed in new construction projects such as the HGTV Dream Home, as well as in older buildings as a replacement for an inefficient traditional gas boiler.

Rinnai’s condensing tankless water heater provides hot water to the HGTV Dream Home, ensuring that all inhabitants experience the comfort of a long, hot shower after a day on the slopes. Rinnai’s condensing design delivers an Energy Factor of up to .96, which is extremely high when compared to traditional gas tank water heaters, which have Energy Factors ranging from .50 to .70. Both Rinnai’s standard tankless and condensing tankless models offer numerous lifestyle benefits to homeowners, including the convenience of continuous hot water and the ability to run multiple hot water appliances at the same time.

Consumers who would like to enjoy Rinnai’s tankless water heating technology in their own homes can visit Rinnai’s Facebook page and share — in 120 words or less — why they need endless hot water. On Feb. 24, Rinnai will select the top 10 essays and ask fellow Rinnai Facebook fans to choose a grand prize winner, who will receive a Rinnai tankless water heater and $10,000 toward a bathroom makeover. Consumers may also enter for a chance to win the HGTV Dream Home 2011 daily through Feb.18 at www.hgtv.com/dream-home/.


The HGTV Dream Home’s back terrace includes the striking Rinnai Impression® outdoor fireplace, which influenced the color palette for the mountain spring-inspired hot tub area. Set in three large, native Vermont bluestone rocks with burn media consisting of large and small quartz rocks, the fireplace maintains a natural look that complements the exterior surroundings. Designed to help consumers create an outdoor living space or patio that meets their specific needs and style preferences, the Rinnai Impression fireplace has a unique linear style and is available in three distinct looks: a single-sided model, a see-through model and the freestanding model featured in the HGTV Dream Home 2011. As versatile as it is beautiful, the Rinnai Impression unit can be used in almost any outdoor application.

The HGTV Dream Home 2011 also includes Rinnai’s EnergySaver Intelligent fireplace in the home’s gathering area. Housed in a dramatic floor-to-ceiling hearth that is accented by a metal wall sculpture, the fireplace features Rinnai’s stainless steel façade option and provides a pleasant flame picture. In addition to its visual appeal, the unit serves as a heat source for the living room and features a warm air outlet located below the flame image. This special design enables optimum heat circulation and allows plasma screens and other heat-sensitive décor items to be placed above the fireplace. Operating at up to 83 percent AFUE, the EnergySaver Intelligent fireplace efficiently heats spaces up to 1,200 square feet. The unit’s unique seven-stage modulating gas controlled technology uses only the energy necessary to reach and maintain a room’s temperature and allows for precise temperature control.

To learn more about the Rinnai products showcased in the HGTV Dream Home 2011, visit www.rinnai.us/hgtv-dreamhome-2011. To enter Rinnai’s “A Little Dream of Your Own” essay contest, visit http://www.facebook.com/rinnaitankless. For more information on Rinnai, visit www.rinnai.us.

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