February 3, 2010

(PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. – February 3, 2010)

Rinnai Corporation, manufacturer of the number one selling brand of tankless gas water heaters in North America, is proud to announce that four products from its energy efficient, lifestyle-enhancing portfolio are featured in the HGTV Dream Home 2010. Located in Sandia Park, New Mexico, the HGTV Dream Home 2010 showcases superior home technologies as well as high-style décor. Rinnai’s Q205S condensing wall-mounted boiler, RC98HPi condensing tankless water heater and R75LSi tankless water heaters provide energy-efficient home heating and water heating to the HGTV Dream Home, while two of the company’s Impression™ outdoor fireplaces bring a sense of character to the home’s extensive patio areas. In addition, as a celebration of the company’s third consecutive year sponsoring the HGTV Dream Home, Rinnai is hosting a "Win a Tankless” online sweepstakes for consumers. The company is giving away one tankless water heater each week through Feb. 19 at http://www2.rinnai.us/hgtv-dream-home-2010

“HGTV viewers look to the HGTV Dream Home for inspiration when creating their own comfortable and beautiful living environments,” said Rinnai’s Director of Marketing Ansley Houston. “Participating in the project for the third straight year has allowed more consumers to become familiar with the Rinnai brand, and we’re thrilled to have such a wide array of Rinnai heating products featured in the HGTV Dream Home. Audiences are learning that we’re more than just the leading tankless water heating company—Rinnai adds comfort and ambiance to every living space.”


The HGTV Dream Home 2010 contains two of Rinnai’s most energy saving products—the Q205S condensing wall-mounted boiler and RC98HPi condensing tankless water heater. Both products incorporate condensing water heating technology for superior energy-efficiency and supreme performance. Rinnai’s condensing wall-mounted boilers and condensing tankless water heaters recapture residual heat from flue gases and transfer it into the water being heated. This process minimizes the amount of wasted heat, which translates into supreme energy savings.

Rinnai’s condensing wall-mounted boiler heats the entire HGTV Dream Home through hydronic radiant floor heating, creating a warm, comfortable indoor environment while operating at up to 96.5 percent AFUE efficiency, which is considerably less energy than a traditional gas boiler. Rinnai’s condensing boiler units are easily retrofitted to replace traditional, less efficient boilers or can be used in new construction to provide simple, space-saving installations.

Rinnai’s condensing tankless water heater provides the HGTV Dream Home’s master bedroom, laundry room and second bathroom with continuous hot water, eliminating any fear of cold showers. The company’s unique condensing design delivers up to 95 percent thermal efficiency, an extremely high value—especially when compared to traditional gas tank water heaters, which are on average 60 percent efficient. The home uses Rinnai’s R75LSi standard tankless water heater to supply the kitchen and butler’s pantry, while a second R75LSi unit serves as a supplementary hot water source for the separate guest quarters. Both Rinnai’s standard tankless and condensing tankless models offer the same comfort and convenience benefits including the ability to run multiple hot water appliances at one time.

Consumers that are interested in incorporating Rinnai’s tankless water heating technology in their own homes may register to win a tankless water heater at www.rinnai.us/hgtv-dream-home-2010/weekly-sweepstakes/ through Feb. 19. One winner each week will receive a Rinnai condensing tankless or standard tankless unit valued up to $1,900 as well as the lifestyle advantages that accompany its installation. All consumers need to do to enter the sweepstakes is to complete the online form found on Rinnai’s Web site. Consumers may also enter daily through Feb. 19 for a chance to win the HGTV Dream Home 2010 at www.hgtv.com/dream-home/.


The HGTV Dream Home 2010 includes two of Rinnai’s striking Impression outdoor fireplaces, which help to blend the home’s interior and exterior living areas while emphasizing scenic views of the San Pedro Mountains. The versatile nature of the Impression unit allows it to be used differently in both the back patio and guest patio. The HGTV Dream Home’s back patio features a freestanding table-top model set in Belgard BelAir stone to coordinate with the southwestern backdrop and is encircled by a sleek black granite counter. Although it runs on propane fuel, the open fireplace appears to burn pieces of “liquid glass,” a burn media that resembles melting ice when flames reflect off it. In contrast, the Impression unit on the guest patio is housed in a two-sided see-through cabinet that is mounted in Belgard BelAir stone and covered with a granite slab. The fireplace uses natural white quartz rock as burn media and includes shorter granite-topped pedestals on either side of the unit, which can serve as side tables or additional seating. Designed to be the centerpiece of an outdoor living space or patio, the Impression features a unique linear style and is available in a single-sided model in addition to the two HGTV Dream Home 2010 constructions, so consumers may create a personalized fireplace that best meets their needs and style preferences.

For more information about Rinnai, visit www.rinnai.us.


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