February 8, 2012

(PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. – Feb. 8, 2012) - Rinnai America Corporation, manufacturer of North America’s No. 1 selling tankless water heater brand, is exhibiting the company’s newly expanded Value Series of tankless water heaters and new Scale Control System at this year’s International Builders’ Show, taking place February 8-11 in Orlando.

The brand has added 180,000-BTU indoor and outdoor tankless units to its Rinnai Value Series, which is aimed specifically at builders and at homeowners that desire tankless water heater options with lower upfront costs. In addition, Rinnai is showcasing its new Scale Control System, an accessory that helps tankless water heaters perform optimally in geographic areas with “hard water,” where limescale deposits can affect the efficiency of a unit. Both of these recent product introductions are designed to make the purchase and use of Rinnai tankless technology more accessible to a broader range of consumers.

“At Rinnai, we’re continually developing new technologies that will allow more homeowners to experience the benefits of tankless water heaters,” said Rinnai Vice President of Marketing Brad Sweet. “We know that there are some segments of the market that would love to install a tankless water heater but have refrained from doing so due to concerns about cost or about mineral build-up within the unit. By addressing both of these specific issues, we hope to reach potential customers that may have been previously unsure about ‘going tankless’ but can now feel confident in their decision to purchase a Rinnai unit.”


Designed for use only in residential applications, Rinnai’s Value Series of tankless water heaters offers all of the lifestyle benefits of tankless technology – including an endless supply of hot water and the ability to run multiple appliances at one time – at a lower price point. In addition, the company’s Value Series units, like all Rinnai tankless water heaters, provide energy savings because they only heat water as it’s needed unlike traditional tank water heaters, which heat and reheat a limited supply of hot water.

Featuring higher flow rates, Rinnai’s expanded Value Series includes two new units – the V75i and V75e, which are 180,000-BTU units that provide up to 7.5 gallons of hot water per minute. The units feature a minimum input of 10,300-BTU – the lowest in the industry – resulting in an activation rate of 0.4 gallons per minute for increased customer satisfaction.

“With the addition of higher flow rates to Rinnai’s Value Series, it’s now possible for homes with larger hot water demands to install our most cost-effective tankless units,” said Rinnai Global Product Manager Trey Hoffman. “By offering a wider array of affordable tankless water heaters, we’re making it easier for builders and homeowners to choose the tankless unit that best meets a home’s financial and hot water needs.”

Every model in the Value Series is ENERGY STAR-qualified and meets California and Texas NOx emission standards, with the new V75i/e units meeting Southern California’s ultra-low NOx standard. The Value Series also features a standard warranty of 10 years on a unit’s heat exchanger, five years on other components, and one year on labor. However, the heat exchanger warranty may increase to 12 years when an installer pairs the unit with an isolation valve kit from Rinnai.


Rinnai’s new Scale Control System helps to ensure the performance and efficiency of Rinnai tankless water heaters that are used in areas with a high concentration of mineral content in their water supply, a situation commonly known as “hard water.” Most water-fed appliances, including tankless water heaters, will accumulate mineral scale deposits when used with hard water over time. Without frequent maintenance, this build-up can affect tankless units by reducing their efficiency. In addition, ongoing use with hard water may shorten the lifespan of a tankless unit.

To safeguard a tankless water heater from limescale build-up and corrosion, Rinnai’s Scale Control System may be installed on a home’s cold water line in front of or upstream of a tankless unit. The system prevents mineral deposits by dissolving a special blend of compounds into the water stream, delivering consistent scale control without the use of electricity. While most homes will need to replace the system’s cartridge every 10 to 12 months, the exact replacement schedule is dependent on cartridge size and water usage. Homeowners will be able to easily recognize when replacement is necessary thanks to the cartridge’s translucent design and can purchase new cartridges from their local installer.

“A significant number of homes in the United States are located in areas with hard water, so it’s likely that mineral build-up is a potential problem for many current and future Rinnai customers,” said Hoffman. “Although traditional water softeners will offer comparable results, we believe our Scale Control System is the best option for Rinnai users because it costs less, takes up less space, and requires less maintenance than other similar products. If a Rinnai tankless customer has hard water, they definitely should be using our Scale Control System.”

Rinnai is displaying both its Value Series tankless units and Scale Control System at the company’s booth (#W1728) during this week’s 2012 International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Fla. For more information on Rinnai, visit rinnai.us.

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