January 29, 2013

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. (Jan. 28, 2013) – Building on its promise to deliver industry professionals and end users with efficient and reliable heating and water-heating solutions, Rinnai America Corporation is introducing a variety of new products at the Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Exposition (AHR Expo Booth #2683), Jan. 28-30, in Dallas.

“AHR Expo is the ideal platform to debut our latest product innovations and connect with heating professionals on a global level,” said Trey Hoffman, global product manager at Rinnai. “These product introductions add to our extensive residential and commercial offerings and fill voids in the market. We’re simplifying heating and water heating for industry professionals and end users.”

Q Premier Boiler
Rinnai’s new Q Premier Boiler combines the efficiency of a Rinnai heating-only boiler coupled with a 24-gallon charged indirect tank, bringing the best of both technologies into a single unit and offering homeowners reliable comfort, added efficiency and more versatility than ever.

“The new Q Premier Boiler System by Rinnai offers a one-appliance answer to residential heating and water-heating needs. Ideal for retrofit or new construction applications, the Q Premier Boiler is a complete solution with flexible plumbing and venting options, and it greatly reduces the need for sourcing components,” added Hoffman.

Domestic Priority Switch
The first of its kind, the Rinnai Domestic Priority Switch is designed to allow the partnering of a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater with any third-party air handler.

The switch controls the on/off cycle of the air handler and stops it from blowing cold air into the space when a large demand for hot water requires priority. Once the demand for hot water lessens, the air handler resumes normal operation and begins heating the space again.

“This switch enables Rinnai to partner with multiple air-handler manufacturers to customize a system for the job at hand. This is yet another way Rinnai is providing more product solutions for more applications,” added Hoffman.

The Rinnai-engineered solution can simplify installation by reducing the number of gas appliances from two to one, as the water heater serves both functions of heating space and water.

Circ-Logic™ and Pump and Timer Accessories
Rinnai’s two new engineered solutions—the Rinnai Timer Controller and Grundfos® Pump and Timer Kit designed exclusively for Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters—offer homeowners the comfort and convenience of instant hot water with optimal energy usage.

The combination of Rinnai Circ-Logic technology, which comes standard on all Rinnai Ultra and Luxury Units, and these Rinnai-engineered accessories allow homeowners to set recirculation patterns to coincide with household usage patterns. Hot water is available when needed, without the expense of circulating hot water during times of inactivity.

The Rinnai Timer Controller, a stylish, wall-mountable digital control panel, works with any third-party pump. The enhanced timer controller’s technology tells the pump when to re-circulate water to meet homeowners’ instant hot-water demands.

A second option, the Pump and Timer Kit, is uniquely designed to supply power to the pump and timer units separately and can accommodate up to 200 feet of dedicated recirculation loops with a 3/4-inch return line. The complete kit includes a pump, timer, all necessary wiring and bolts.

Common Venting Installation Made Easier
Rinnai is simplifying its Common Vent System for installers. Rinnai will now provide polypropylene intake header components—in addition to the exhaust components—as part of every common vent header kit. Previously, the intake components were field-sourced schedule 40 PVC and sometimes difficult to find.

“We’ve developed a turn-key solution for our Common Vent System. We are supplying installers with high-quality components without impacting the system's cost,” added Hoffman. “Polypropylene, which is 60 percent lighter than PVC, is a an easier to use option that doesn’t need glue or time to cure. It’s the superior option for venting gas appliances.”

Rinnai’s Common Vent System can accommodate up to eight 199,000-Btu condensing, allows for vent runs up to 100 feet, and utilizes only two terminations for each bank of units.

Tankless Rack System
Also at the booth is the company’s new Tankless Rack System, which makes multi-unit condensing tankless water heater installation easier and more flexible for commercial contractors. The system is available in free-standing or wall-mounted options for indoor or outdoor applications and can be ordered, built and shipped fully assembled, including gas and water manifolds, to any location in the United States and Canada, including the job site.

Additionally, Rinnai is showcasing its signature Ultra, Luxury and Value Series Tankless Water Heaters, 21,500-Btu Direct Vent Wall Furnace and 110,00-Btu E Series Boiler.

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