January 22, 2018

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. (January 22, 2018) Rinnai Corporation, manufacturer of the number-one selling brand of tankless gas water heaters in North America, announces three exciting new product launches: The next-generation Sensei™ Tankless Water Heater, the new M-Series Condensing Boiler and the new Demand Duo™ 80 Hybrid Commercial Water Heating System.

Both the Sensei Tankless Water Heater and the M-Series Condensing Boiler are defined by their improved ease of installation, performance enhancements and serviceability. All three new products continue Rinnai’s history of innovation by incorporating Wi-Fi monitoring and mobile app integration. Specifically designed for the needs of the North American market, the new offerings employ best practices in engineering and technology to achieve the same quality and reliability for which Rinnai is known around the globe.

“Rinnai is committed to enhancing lives by changing the way water is heated,” said Frank Windsor, Chief Operating Officer. “The launch of these new products shows our dedication to our customers and to the water heating industry.”


The latest version of Rinnai’s signature product allows for easier and more flexible installation in more locations and better operational performance. It also features a new combustion design that enables components to work together in harmony for enhanced output.

“As far as installation, we’ve engineered the Sensei Tankless Water Heater with the most versatile venting solutions and the longest 2-inch vent run in the industry,” says Joe Holliday, Sr. Director, Product and Business Development.

By giving the Sensei a total of 14 vent configurations (four more than the nearest competitor), a 65-foot vent run with 2-inch PVC and quick and easy gas conversion, Rinnai is dedicated to giving professional partners options to best support their customers and accommodate their changing needs.

The Sensei Tankless Water Heater is designed to self compensate in areas with low or fluctuating gas pressures to optimize performance.

The Rinnai engineering team has also improved the serviceability of the Sensei. Every component was designed to be removed in under 10 minutes including the heat exchanger, water flow servo, PCB and turbo fan.  The new design also incorporates the use of stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers.  “Our vertically integrated operating structure means that all of the key components of our products are manufactured by Rinnai, ensuring the quality you’ve come to expect from our company,” said Holliday.


With an increased heating output range, increased hot water output and increased heat exchange performance, the new M-Series Condensing Gas Boiler delivers performance like no other. Rinnai’s unique heat engine combines new burner technology with a stainless-steel water heat exchanger for improved efficiency, lower emissions, increased reliability and fast response.

A smaller footprint (volume reduced by 35%) and lighter design (weight reduced by 9%) make installing the new M-series a snap. “We’ve limited the parameter list for faster and more accurate system setups and designed a more intuitive controller icon and text display,” said James York, VP of Engineering. “With the leading-edge ventilation options similar to the Sensei Tankless Water Heater, we’re establishing Rinnai as the leader in venting flexibility and creating easier installations across the board.”

Maintaining and servicing the M-Series Boiler has also been completely rethought. All service points have been moved to the front left side of the unit; simply lift and remove the cover for easy, full access. “Quick and easy is what we were going for. Technicians can perform a complete teardown of the entire unit in less than 11 minutes,” added York.


Building off the success of the original Demand Duo Hybrid Water Heating System, Rinnai is introducing a smaller, more versatile line extension. Originally available only in a 119-gallon version, the new 80-gallon unit offers a more compact yet simple-to-install solution that combines the best of both tank and tankless technologies.

“The more compact Demand Duo 80 offers a quick and easy upgrade for commercial direct replacement situations that desire a more cost effective solution,” said Ansley Houston, Sr. Director of Commercial Business. “You get the best of both worlds with the unique part-tank, part-tankless design. It’s a simple-to-install and reduces cost of ownership by eliminating costly and frequent replacements.”

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