April 22, 2021

Peachtree City, GA

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Rinnai America Corporation Expands throughout Canada with New Hydronic Heating Solution
Canadian Air Handler delivers an integrated, holistic heating and domestic hot water solution

ATLANTA (April 20, 2021) – Rinnai America Corporation, known for high quality tankless water heaters, is venturing into new categories in the North American market with the launch of the Rinnai Canadian Air Handler (CAH). Available beginning in May 2021, the CAH is an efficient hydronic solution for comfortable home heating. The CAH can be installed with Rinnai’s Tankless Water Heater or I-Series Combi Boiler, creating a full, customizable product which can be set to specific installation needs, producing efficient hydronic heating and simultaneous domestic hot water (DHW) when needed.

“Rinnai is committed to Creating a Healthier Way of Living® through strategic innovation and expansion into new categories and new markets,” said Frank Windsor, President of Rinnai America Corporation. “Outside of the tankless water heater segment, the CAH is the first of several new products available in the Canadian market.”

Influenced by its Hydronic Air Handler Systems available in the U.S., Rinnai’s newest product is specifically designed for use in colder climates. The model emanates high quality heat, maintaining the level of humidity necessary to add comfort to any cold-climate home. The homeowner can also benefit from quiet operations on top of low costs of ownership and serviceability. Also compatible with multiple air-cooling options, the CAH enables independent heating and cooling.

“Installing CAH with a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater or I-Series Combi Boiler, offers homeowners customizable solutions for maximum water and heat efficiency,” said Rahul Goyal, Product Director, Rinnai America Corporation. “Efforts can be consolidated through one appliance which supplies hot water and heating throughout your home, creating a holistic home comfort offering.”

The integrated, customizable unit creates simplicity for contractors, too. The CAH’s compact design fits in most mechanical spaces, allowing for multiple installation options and increasing livable space for homeowners. Compared to traditional 4-pipe systems, the integrated unit saves on installation time and materials when working on new construction and retrofit installs and is suitable for low-velocity or mid-velocity applications. Models are available with or without an external circulator pump, and the programmable pump timer circulates water one minute every 24 hours. These high-efficiency models are CSA P9.11 listed for use with the tankless water heaters and are available in accessory circulator pump included models.

With Rinnai expanding current offerings in Canada, the company is determined to provide holistic product offerings and customizable solutions for both contractors and homeowners.

To learn more about Rinnai, visit www.rinnai.ca.


Rinnai America Corporation, a subsidiary of Rinnai Corporation in Nagoya, Japan, was established in 1974 and is headquartered in Peachtree City, Ga. Rinnai Corporation manufactures gas appliances including tankless water heaters, a wide range of kitchen appliances and heating and air conditioning units. As the technology leader in its industry, Rinnai is the largest gas appliance manufacturer in Japan and is the number-one selling brand of tankless gas water heaters in the United States and Canada. Annual corporate revenues, including those of its subsidiaries, are in excess of $3.2 billion. With a global perspective to create 21st-century products for the home and business, Rinnai Corporation commits itself to safety and Creating A Healthier Way of Living©. For more information about Rinnai’s entire product line, visit www.rinnai.ca.


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