September 7, 2018

Smaller, more powerful and easier to service, the Rinnai M-Series Condensing Gas Boiler offers more efficiency for both installers and homeowners.  Download the Next Generation in Boiler Technology Brochure today.


M060CN Inner


Efficient Heating

With an increased heating output range, increased hot water output and increased heat exchange performance, the M-Series Boiler heats like no other. This new design and enhanced performance offer:



  • More heat transfer for domestic hot water
  • Consistent temperature control of water used in the heating system
  • Efficient gas and less electrical consumption, resulting in consistently lower utility costs
  • Quiet operation – comparable to the range of ambient noise in a library

Easy Install

The M-Series Boiler is 35% smaller and 9% lighter than previous models, making installation a snap. In addition to its compact and lightweight design, the M-Series Boiler features:

  • A convenient mounting bracket
  • NPT threads for connection points
  • More flexible venting options
  • Simplified parameters for commissioning and setup


Simplified Service

Maintaining and servicing the M-Series Boiler has also been rethought completely to make it that much easier to service. All service points have been moved to the front left side of the unit, and all you have to do is lift and remove the cover for easy, full access.


On top of that, the new larger display offers a simple control interface with simplified parameters and easy menu navigation. Everything about the M-Series Boiler has been designed with speed and ease in mind.


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