Rinnai Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters | Ground-Breaking, Sustainable, Zero Emissions

The REHP Series delivers consistent hot water by extracting heat from the surrounding air and converting it to hot water while producing zero emissions.

One of the most sustainable water heating solutions available, the REHP Series meets the highest efficiency standards while reducing energy usage and costs.

Ground-Breaking Feature Set 

  • Meets the highest level of efficiency standards
  • Meets the highest level of federal and state rebate requirements
  • Title 24 Compliant*
  • EnergyStar® Compliant
  • UEF of 3.75/50 GL and 4.0/80 GL
  • NEEA Tier 4*
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Demand Response Enabled
  • Duct Ready

*Final Certification Pending