Rinnai America Sells its 3 Millionth Tankless Unit

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga., March 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Rinnai Corporation, manufacturer of the number-one selling brand of tankless gas water heaters in North America, announced the sale of its 3 millionth unit in North America on December 18, 2019. The tankless unit was produced in Rinnai America's new manufacturing facility in Griffin, GA.

The 3 millionth unit was sold to Park Supply Company in Huntsville, Alabama
Park Supply - Zack Stephens, Forrest Dinwiddie,
Rusty Dinwiddie and Chad McCabae (Left to right)

Rinnai has operated in North America since 1974 and brought Tankless Water Heating to the North American market in 2000. Within 10 years, Rinnai America reached its first million tankless units sold in North America. The 2 millionth unit was sold 6 years later in 2016 and less than 4 years later, the company has sold over 3 million units

"To hit this milestone is a major accomplishment for our company," said Frank Windsor, President, Rinnai America Corporation. "We are proud to have this milestone unit produced at our new manufacturing facility here in Griffin, Georgia.  We've got a great team of associates working here that come in every day and are committed to quality and are always looking to do their best."

The 3 millionth unit was sold to Park Supply Company in Huntsville, Alabama and will be displayed in the distributor's showroom.  "For years Rinnai has been a great partner of Park Supply Company and has helped us to expand our distribution in the Tankless Water Heating category with their high-quality products," said Rusty Dinwiddie, President, Park Supply Company.  "We are honored to celebrate this achievement with Rinnai and to have this water heater on display in our showroom."

Rinnai utilizes high-quality materials and manufactures many of the key components for its tankless water heaters.  This further enables Rinnai to maintain close control of the quality of their products for which the Rinnai brand is known. In 2018 the company opened its first North American Manufacturing facility in Griffin, Georgia to support the growing operation.  Given the consistent acceleration of product sales and dedication to quality, Rinnai America expects to reach a 4 millionth unit sold even faster in the coming years.

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