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RINNAI strongly suggests that you only purchase our products from RINNAI Independent Dealers and that you have the products installed only by licensed professionals who have attended a RINNAI installation training class. If your RINNAI product was not purchased through a RINNAI Independent dealer and properly installed by a RINNAI trained licensed professional or if it has been altered or modified, it may not be covered under RINNAI's Limited Warranty. Please see our Limited Warranty for full details.

This listing of dealers and authorized service providers is provided for your convenience only. While dealers/authorized service providers must receive training specified by Rinnai in order to be listed on this site, inclusion of the dealer/authorized service provider in this list does not constitute a recommendation by Rinnai. Rinnai does not endorse, guarantee or take responsibility for the work of any of these dealers/authorized service providers. Each dealer/authorized service provider is an independent business concern, and you should conduct any research or investigation you believe appropriate before contracting with one or more of these dealers/authorized service providers. Any engagement by you of a dealer or authorized service provider for work will be solely between you and such dealer or authorized service provider, and in no way is Rinnai a party to or responsible under such engagement for any work performed.

Authorized Service Provider

An ASP is a factory authorized service provider for Rinnai products both during and after the product warranty period. They are committed to providing prompt, courteous and professional service in the event you experience a problem.

Customer Reviews

This percentage is based on a satisfaction survey completed by customers after the installation of a Rinnai product.


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