What is the difference between factory reset and power cycle with control•r™ version 2.0?

Factory Reset Defined: (PURGE Internet Network and Password information)
Factory Reset restores the module back to its factory default values. Factory resetting also erases all current settings and wireless network history.

How To Factory Reset - Press and hold the Connect button (see below) on the module until the LED blinks RED and WHITE, release the button, quickly tap 3 times (the confirms that you really want to factory reset), the module will reboot and the module LED turns solid RED for 5 minutes then returns to solid WHITE when complete.

Power Cycle Defined: (REBOOT)
Power Cycle shuts down power to the module and then restarts power (which is the same function as removing the water heater plug from the power outlet and then plugging it back into the outlet). When trying to connect or disconnect power to the tankless water heater, Rinnai recommends using the water heater power plug instead of using the Reset feature on the module. DO NOT insert a small pin into the Reset opening, it WILL NOT reset your module.


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