control•r™ - 5 Key Installation Tips

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  1. Additional wiring can run up to 300 feet (91 m) away from water heater (18-22 gauge wire required).
  2. Running cold water through the recirculation line will not force the pump to turn on.
  3. The OFF cycles for Circ-Logic are determined by configuration settings of the water heater PC Board. For maximum usage of the on-demand accessories, the water heater must be set to Comfort mode. Comfort mode cycles the pump more frequently ensuring the loop temperature remains higher.
  4. Power cycling or factory resetting the module will not reset Circ-Logic.
  5. For best results and maintaining hot water in the loop, all lines should be insulated.
  • Learn more about the optimal places to install and mount your control•r™ module by watching our video 'control•r™ module location and mounting by Rinnai'
    • control•r™ Wi-Fi Module attaches easily to the Rinnai Tankless Water Heater by a two-wire interface and quickly connecting through the local Wi-Fi network. Proper mounting and location of the control•r™ module ensures quick set, minimal disruptions and quality connection.

Push Button Installation Tips:

  • The maximum distance from the module to a push button is 250 ft. (76 m).
  • The push button requires two CR2450 watch batteries (available at most retail stores including Walmart, Home Depot, etc.). Battery life is up to two years.
  • Once installed find out 'How to pair your Rinnai control•r™ module and unit with push button' by watching our instructional video
    • Wireless push button pairing your Rinnai Tankless Water Heater control•r™ module with your installed push button that can be mounted near the point of use, like a kitchen faucet or bathroom sink, and operates the recirculation system. 

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