Control-R™ - 5 Key Installation Tips

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  • Additional wiring can run up to 300 feet (91 m) away from water heater (18-22 gauge wire required).
  • Running cold water through the recirculation line will not force the pump to turn on.
  • The OFF cycles for Circ-Logic are determined by configuration settings of the water heater PC Board. For maximum usage of the on-demand accessories, the water heater must be set to Comfort mode. Comfort mode cycles the pump more frequently ensuring the loop temperature remains higher.
  • Power cycling or factory resetting the module will not reset Circ-Logic.
  • For best results and maintaining hot water in the loop, all lines should be insulated.

Push Button Installation Tips:

  • The maximum distance from the module to a push button is 250 ft. (76 m).
  • The push button requires two CR2450 watch batteries (available at most retail stores including Walmart, Home Depot, etc.). Battery life is up to two years.

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