Installing one C199 tankless water heater helped a fine-dining restaurant in Senoia, Ga., obtain the 140-degree water it needed for cooking and sanitizing, while solving its space-shortage issue.

Food Service

Senoia, Georgia

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Boiling. Cooking. Dishwashing. Sanitizing. All these activities are integral to restaurant operation and require hot water. While running out of hot water may be just a frustration for most people, for restaurants, it is a catastrophe. In a best-case scenario, a lack of hot water results in delays and unhappy guests, while a worst-case scenario is temporary closure. Given these outcomes, it’s no wonder an endless supply of hot water is an essential ingredient for restaurant operation.

Clean And Compliant

After experiencing ongoing hot water issues, Tracy Brady, owner of The Tomato House, a fine-dining restaurant in Senoia, Ga., concluded the establishment needed a water heater upgrade. With an older tank water heating system in place, the restaurant had a difficult time heating water quickly and consistently enough to remain health-code compliant and ensure fast service.


To get to the temperature needed, the restaurant’s existing system required a significant amount of time to preheat and then more time to allow the tank to recover. In the food-service industry, time and resources are things that cannot be wasted, so Brady set about researching alternate water heating options. Complicating matters, the restaurant had virtually no additional space, so installing a larger commercial tank was out of the question.

Before [Rinnai], it took 30 minutes to get our 'hot' water to boil. Now, [...] our hot water comes straight out at 140 degrees, and it takes just 10 minutes to bring our pasta-cooking water to a boil. This has allowed us to cut our cook times [...].

— Executive Chef Jarrod Reeder, Tomato House, Senoia, Ga.

Advantages For Restaurants

  • Offers precise temperature control, a requirement for ensuring sanitization
  • Flexible location options and compact design allow for more space
  • Can be installed on the outside of a building in warmer climates, so no vent components are required and installation costs are lower
  • Longer life span than traditional tank-style water heaters
  • For larger restaurants, units can be banked together as a single hot-water source to ensure peak-demand needs are always met; built-in redundancy of multiple units means no downtime during peak business hours

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Brady soon discovered that Rinnai’s tankless water heating system offered the speed, consistency and flexibility The Tomato House needed. She worked with Rinnai to determine that one C199 unit would support the restaurant’s hot water demands at the 140-degree temperature required for dish sanitizing, while the Rinnai system’s endless supply of hot water made delays due to preheating and tank recovery time a thing of the past.


Also, because Rinnai’s C199 tankless unit could be installed in the ceiling of the building, it solved the facility’s space issue and actually created new usable space by freeing up the area where the old tank system stood. 

The Rinnai Advantage

  • Endless supply of hot water
  • Digital control for consistent temperature up to 185 degrees
  • 96% thermal efficiency, Commercial ENERGY STAR® certified
  • Flexible location options and compact design for increased space savings

Faster And Hotter

After the unit’s installation, The Tomato House found its hot water woes completely dispelled, and Executive Chef Jarrod Reeder is thrilled with the system’s impact on the restaurant’s food prep, cleaning and service capabilities.


“Before we installed the C199 unit, it took 30 minutes to get our ‘hot’ water to boil,” said Reeder. “Now, thanks to Rinnai, our hot water comes straight out at 140 degrees, and it takes just 10 minutes to bring our pasta-cooking water to a boil. This has allowed us to cut our cook times and increase guest satisfaction. Plus, we’ve noticed our glassware is clearer, too. All in all, the Rinnai tankless system has had a positive effect on our restaurant.”


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