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With a complete range of solutions for multifamily properties, Rinnai Commercial and Residential Water Heating Solutions deliver a lower total cost of ownership and safe, reliable hot water.

The Rinnai Difference

Rinnai is the Right Choice.

Why should I consider a Rinnai Commercial and Residential Water Heating System?

  • Rinnai systems require minimal installation space and can be wall or floor mounted indoors or outdoors - even roof mounted.
  • Rinnai tankless units can be configured as individual metered units or central systems.
  • No ASME boiler certifications or inspections required*.

How is Rinnai different?

  • Rinnai's proven, long-lasting design and easily replaceable low-cost components ensure a lower total cost or ownership.
  • The Rinnai Application Engineering Center of Excellence offers the first 100% system sizing guarantee. ** 
  • Rinnai's best-in-class commercial warranty provides 8 years or 12,000 operation hours on the heat exchanger, 6 years on the tank, 5 years on parts, and 2 years on service.

* For tankless units less than 200,000 BTU.

**System sizing 100% guaranteed is based on fixture types and quantities at the time of sizing request.

Case Study Videos

Case Study

BRG Apartments - Fox Run Apartments Cincinnati, OH

About Fox Run Apartments

240 units, 20 buildings, 12 apartments per building

Solution: Replaced existing electric tanks with Demand Duo H-Series


  • Over $20,000 in Reduced Energy Costs in first year
  • Water Savings
  • Reliable Hot Water

Case Study

BRG Properties – 20 Midtown Apartments Birmingham, AL

About 20 Midtown

325 residential apartments on floors 2-5, retail located on ground floor

Solution: Installed 35 tankless units on pre-assembled racks in 4 top floor locations


  • Hot Water in Six Seconds
  • Reduced Energy Costs by 80%
  • Eliminated Hot Water Outages

Multifamily Advantage

Multifamily Solutions

RE/REP Models

Smart Technology - first and only non-condensing tankless water heater with features such as:
• Smart-Circ™ Intelligent Recirculation™ (REP Models Only)
• Select models with built-in recirculation control pump (REP Models Only)
• Tested and approved for use with cleaner-burning hydrogen-enriched natural gas

Built-in Recirculation Pump

Wi-Fi Capable

View RE Models
RE Centaur SILO Front Interior with Logo

RSC Models

Cutting-edge technology in our top-of-the-line condensing models, including effortless maintenance with Wi-Fi monitoring, voice control with Amazon Alexa integration, and more. **Available to purchase June 2022**

Built-in Recirculation Pump

Wi-Fi Capable

View RSC Models
RSC product image

RU Models

Enjoy all the comfort and performance with these compact units, which are powerful enough to deliver hot water consistently in up to four places around your home simultaneously.

Recirculation Capable

Wi-Fi Capable

View RU Models
Rinnai RU Model Series Tankless Water Heater

Compact Wall-Mount Systems (TRX)

• Built-in redundancy

• Flexible, Modular design

- Indoor, outdoor, freestanding or wall mounted

- Central or zoned system applications

- New construction or planned retrofit

• Lower cost of ownership

- Superior load tracking/modulation=lower energy costs

- Ships fully assembled

• Up to 24 units work as one system

• BMS compatible

View our Compact Wall-Mount
Compact Wall-Mount Racks (TRX)

Free-Standing Rack System (TRS)

• Great for hospitality, multifamily, industrial, schools, dorms and food processing

• Direct replacement for domestic boilers

View our Free-Standing Rack
Free-Standing Rack System (TRS)

Wall-Hanging Rack Systems (TRW)

• Great for food service, hospitality kitchens, laundries, zoned systems
• Replaces medium to large, standard and high-efficiency tanks, small boilers plus storage

View our Wall-Hanging Rack
Wall-hanging rack system

Demand Duo® H-Series

• Hybrid system has a longer life vs traditional tank

- Lower cost of ownership

- No thermal stress on tank

- 2x the warranty of most tanks

- Easy to repair vs having to replace a traditional tank

• Easy to retrofit/replacement

• BMS compatible

View our H-Series Models
Demand Duo H Series

Demand Duo® R-Series

• 2X the warranty compared to tanks
• 100-200 lbs lighter than standard tanks
• You get 100% capacity of the tank
• 3-foot pre-installed Gas Swivel Flex Line with Drip Leg
• 276 GPH First Hour Delivery (100 Gallon Tank)
• 193 Gallons Recovery at 100°F∆ T

View our R-Series Models
Demand Duo CHS199100R

Demand Duo® 2V

• Increased Performance
• Simple Install
• Reliability You Can Count On
• Flexible Venting Options
• Reduced Cost of Ownership
• Application Engineering Center of Excellence

View our 2V Models
Demand Duo™ 2V


AECoE Application Engineering

AECoE Application Engineering

Backed by our 100% sizing guarantee No charge quote

Rinnai Application Engineers are available to provide quotes, size your system and provide designs for your specific project.

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Turnkey Program

Rinnai Turnkey Program

Why waste hours searching for water heating equipment and contractors? Request a turnkey proposal | 770-632-4342

Focus on running your multifamily property while we determine the appropriate product solution, secure installation prices from multiple contractors and provide you with one-stop pricing direct from Rinnai!

  • Rinnai is responsible for all aspects of installation
  • Rinnai provides your company with one contact for any post-installation questions or concerns
  • Hassle Free Water Heater Change-out
  • Consistent product pricing across the country
  • Access to Rinnai’s leasing or financing programs 
  • Direct Preventive Maintenance Program

Rinnai Worry-Free Hot Water Program

Worry-Free Hot Water™

Why spend thousands of dollars to own, install and maintain your water heating equipment? With no money down and low fixed monthly payments, all equipment, installation, maintenance, and repair costs are covered.

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Riverbend at Lansdowne Woods

Case Study | Riverbend at Lansdowne Woods

Lansdowne, Virginia

This Active Adult Community replaced aging boilers always in need of repair for an upgrade to tankless and increased energy savings, reliability, and resident satisfaction.