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Over our 100-year history of innovation, we've proven our commitment to quality, safety, and support is behind everything we do. We make it easy to pick the right water heating or building heating solution to support the needs of your business.

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Rinnai Application Engineering Center of Excellence

Accurate Sizings 100% Guaranteed

Our Application Engineering Center of Excellence will size your system and give you back an accurate quote quickly, for a total solution to your commercial plumbing needs.

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National Accounts

With our complete turnkey services and nationwide 24/7 emergency response, Rinnai has you covered so your business is never without hot water.

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Benefits for Your Business

Wi-Fi Capability

Wi-Fi-capable units allow you to receive maintenance alerts, set schedules with your phone, have a Rinnai PRO remotely diagnose your system, and more.

Product Warranties

Get our best-in-class, 8-year warranty (or 12,000 operation hours) on heat exchangers, and a 6-year warranty on the Demand Duo® tank.

Redundant by Design

Ensure your hot water supply is up to the challenge of occupant and business demands with redundant units that eliminate downtime.

Low Operational Costs

Rinnai’s proven, long-lasting design and easily replaceable low-cost components ensure a lower total cost of ownership.

Space Savings

Tankless units will save space, especially when replacing tanks or boilers, freeing up that space for other uses.

Superior Ongoing Commercial Support

For general questions about products or Rinnai, reach our Commercial Customer Care team at 1-800-621-9419. We are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

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