Located 25 miles from Washington D.C., Lansdowne Woods of Virginia is an active adult community situated on over 45 acres that offer fabulous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Potomac River.


Lansdowne, Virginia

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Comprised of four mid-rise and three low-rise condo buildings with over 1,200 individual units, each building has its own Condo Association. The Riverbend building, the first built in the development in 1998, is 12 stories and has 229 units of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms that range between 800 and 2,000 square feet.

Problem Recognition

Riverbend at Lansdowne Woods originally had four (4) 750K Btu Domestic Weben-Jarco gas boilers installed and CroppMetcalfe, an established HVAC contractor in the area, was frequently there doing repair work. “The building is 20 years old and the boilers had constant pump and system control issues, so we were cannibalizing parts from the boilers to keep at least two in operation,” said Tom Davidson, part of the HVAC team at CroppMetcalfe.


At its inception, the building had established a fund to replace aging building components. Craig Magargel, Building Manager at Riverbend knew it was time to seek a replacement. “We were spending over $10K annually  just in repair and maintenance costs to keep the existing units running,” said Craig. “We wanted to look at higher- efficiency options, and CroppMetcalfe suggested we consider Rinnai Tankless.”

We are very enthusiastically invested in our new Rinnai Racks and how they have transformed our domestic hot water system while already reducing our operating costs.

— Craig Magargel, Building Manager at Riverbend

Efficiency Gains

The local Commercial Technical Sales Manager for Rinnai, Davis Trexler was contacted and walked the property with Tom, Craig and CroppMetcalfe Sales Engineer, Mihn Le, which resulted in a presentation to the Condo Association Board and building engineers. “Davis demonstrated how the Rinnai Tankless Rack System would provide three times more redundancy, deliver energy savings, and supply a storage tank that services our penthouse level,” said Craig. “We also loved the idea that we would never experience any downtime, even when the units were undergoing scheduled maintenance. That really was not the case with the boilers.” Davis with Rinnai adds, “I explained how our new SENSEI™ Commercial Racks have 97% thermal efficiency and easily serviceable components, greatly reducing their energy consumption and maintenance costs.”

The Rinnai Advantage for Tankless Rack Systems

  • Fully pre-assembled and ready to connect rack systems
  • On-demand, endless hot water
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Modulation technology saves energy
  • Perfect BTU upgrade for older domestic boilers
  • No standby loss

Purchase Decision

in the Spring of 2019, CroppMetcalfe installed the 2.4m Btu system comprised of two (2) TRS06 Freestanding Racks with 6 SENSEI CU199 tankless units pre-installed on each rack. “The Rinnai Tankless Racks came pre-assembled which made them extremely easy to install, just plumb to the manifolds and connect your gas supply and you’re good to go,” said Tom of CroppMetcalfe. This ease of install makes for satisfied customers. “The installation was on-time, on-budget and made for an overall great experience.” said Craig, “We are very enthusiastically invested in our new Rinnai Racks and how they have transformed our domestic hot water system while already reducing our operating costs.”

Island West Apartments

Replacing heat pump system with Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters saves apartment owners significantly on replacement and energy costs.

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