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Hybrid Tank-Tankless

Enough Hot Water for Everyone, Yes Everyone.

A unique combination of an efficient storage tank and on-demand tankless technology, the RH180 delivers up to 180 gallons of hot water in the first hour alone—a difference you'll notice and enjoy right away.

The new RH180 is far from your average water heater.This unique hybrid combines the on-demand heating technology of tankless with an efficient storage tank. Together they deliver twice the water heating capacity of a typical 50-gallon tank, and more than enough for the entire family!

With standard gas, water and exhaust connections, the RH180 installs just like a tank. And because it’s easy to install, the RH180 is perfect for anyone who wants to increase their hot water capacity without reconfiguring their setup.

  • Emergency replacement – can be installed same day
  • Remodeling homeowners
  • Small commercial businesses

The RH180 does the job of more than two traditional tanks, which means it can save valuable space within your home or business.