Load Size and Line Drying

  Whether you like laundry or not—and we’re betting on not—to keep your family’s clothes clean, you wash nearly 300 loads of laundry per year. Add in the effect laundry can have on your energy and water bills and you like it even less. But don’t fear, there are…

It’s Getting Hot in Here

  Whether you’re just waking up and need the right start to your day, or it’s the end of a long day and you’re ready to relax, a hot shower is the go-to solution. A remedy for so many things, showers may be a man or woman’s best friend—after dogs and diamonds…

With A Few Simple Steps

  With April showers behind us, bring on May flowers and Spring weather! This means cleaning gutters and power washing patio furniture. It also means prepping your home for warmer, even hot, weather, which doesn’t have to equate to increased utility bills.   By…

Help Maximize Space

  Most homeowners at some time or another could use more room. From storage and shelving to entertaining, the reasons for needing more usable space are endless. Manufacturers are aware of this homeowner conundrum and have developed a number of products that help…

The Role of the Low Loss Header and Venting

  Combi boilers can provide homeowners with an all-in-one, energy-efficient, whole-home heating and water-heating solution. And, although this type of product has been around for a number of years, not everyone is familiar with some of the more…

By Going Tankless

How many times have you wished you had extra storage around the house? One extra closet isn’t too much to ask for, is it? This may come as a surprise, but there may be some hidden real estate right under your nose. Traditional tank-style water heaters are bulky and can…

It’s Just around the Corner

It might be hard to imagine after such a harsh winter, but spring is right around the corner. While the warm weather can’t come soon enough, homeowners need to ensure their homes are ready for the next season—and everything it brings. Below are a few tips to…

Flood-Damaged Church Gets Water Heater Revamp

In late 2013, catastrophic flooding wreaked havoc in Colorado, bringing nearly $2 billion in property damages and forcing more than 11,000 residents to scramble for high ground. With extensive rainfall—five consecutive days—thousands of miles…

School Upgrades Heating and Hot-Water System on Historic Campus

Three years ago, Campion Academy, a 107-year-old secondary boarding school of 165 students, in Loveland, Colo., made plans to renovate 1920s-era Hankins Hall, one of the oldest and most beloved buildings on campus. The project…

Protecting Your Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

It's no secret that the recent winter weather is proving to be anything but mild. While ensuring you and your family are protected from the elements with groceries, flashlights with batteries and warm blankets, it’s also important to protect…

Press Releases

Project Benefits Families Of Fallen And Disabled Soldiers
Rinnai will be the first with U.S. tankless water heater manufacturing. A Georgia site has been announced.
Rinnai announces North American Headquarters Expansion and New Innovation Center.
Technology enables homeowners and dealers to monitor and control Rinnai tankless units remotely.
(HAMPTON, Ga. – Dec. 6, 2016) - Rinnai America Corporation has signed on as a multi-year sponsor of the NASCAR XFINITY Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, beginning with the 2017 race scheduled for Saturday, March 4.