Enviroment: Local

Rinnai Propane Rebate 2016

Purchase Date:

April 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016

Installation Deadline:

Jaunary 15, 2017

Claim Submissions:

Submit by January 31, 2017

Eligible Participants:

Residential homeowners purchasing Rinnai propane-fired products. New construction is not eligible unless the homeowner purchases the equipment directly from the dealer/propane marketer/contractor/installer.

Qualifying Products and Rebate Amounts:

  • $50 – Rinnai Value series Tankless Water Heaters (V94Xi-P, V94e-P, V94i-P, V75i-P, V75e-P, V65e-P, V65i-P, V53e-P)
  • $50 – Vent-Free Fan Convectors (FC510P, FC824P)
  • $100 – Rinnai Luxury series Tankless Water Heaters (RLX94i-P, RL94i-P, RL94e-P, RL75i-P, RL75e-P)
  • $100 – Rinnai Ultra series Tankless Water Heaters (RUR98i-P, RUR98e-P, RUC98i-P, RU98e-P, RUC90i-P, RU90e-P, RUC80i-P, RU80e-P, RUCS75i-P, RUS75e-P, RUC65i-P, RUS65e-P)
  • $100 – Condensing Boilers (QP130N*, QP85N*, Q205SP, Q175CP, Q175SP, Q130SP, Q85SP, E110CP, E75CP, E50CN*, E50CRP, E75CRP, E110CRP, E60SRP, E85SRP, E110SRP)
  • $100 – Direct Vent Furnaces (EX38WP, EX38P, EX22CWP, EX22CP, EX17CP, EX11CP, EX08CP)

*Must include proof of purchase for a propane conversion kit. Rebate only applies towards Rinnai Propane products.

How to Redeem

Download and complete the Rebate Form and submit along with a copy of your installation invoice to:

Rinnai 2016 National Propane Rebate
P.O. Box 407
MPS Dept. No. 731 – P-C-E-003-16
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Please allow 8-12 weeks for processing. To check the status of your rebate, visit www.rebateinquiryonline.com.

Terms and Conditions

See your Rinnai independent dealer for complete program eligibility, dates, details and restrictions. Rebate up to $100 valid on qualifying products only. All sales must be to U.S. or Canadian residents. Rebates will be paid by check in U.S. dollars. Void where prohibited. Rinnai America Corporation reserves the right to alter, change or discontinue this promotion at any time. Rinnai may use information obtained through this rebate program in accordance with its Privacy Policy located at www.rinnai.us.