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Commercial Tankless Water Heater

Commercial Water Heating Solutions

Sometimes the difference between "open for business" and "closed for repairs" is the reliability of a water heating system.

That's why for decades, a full spectrum of commercial applications - from retrofit to new construction and light to heavy - have trusted Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters. Because the system configures to your needs and to every kind of space, every usage demand is the perfect Rinnai fit - and that makes it easy to do business.

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Protect Your Investment And Enjoy Worry-Free Business Operations

Rinnai commercial water heating maintenance services

With preventive maintenance packages by Rinnai, your investment gives returns for years to come.

Maintenance services

  • Rinnai recommended routine maintenance protecting the operation and longevity of your investment and minimizing business interruptions including:
    • Water heating system, tankless water heater and components, venting and rack system inspections
    • Tankless unit flushing
  • Rinnai trained technicians ensure quality control and worry-free business operations
  • Maintain peak performance and reduce or eliminate business interruptions with regular monitoring, inspections and reporting that follow Rinnai quality and reliability protocols and maintenance processes
  • Rinnai quality and reliability protocols translated to maintenance process to deliver performance you can trust

For complete details on Commercial Water Heating Solutions and Maintenance Services, call 866-383-0707 or email commercialservices@rinnai.us