Condensing Boiler

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  • 24-gallon stainless steel charged indirect tank
  • High domestic output—up to 211 gallons in first hour
  • Fully-assembled system for easy installation
  • A complete solution—no sourcing components
  • Multiple plumbing and venting options for installation flexibility
  • Reduced install time equals more profit
  • Great for replacement and new construction
  • Designed for zero-clearance installations
  • Pre-piped to utilize a DHW recirculation line
  • Integrated low loss header

Width: 23.6 inches (600 mm)

Height: 61.8 inches (1,570 mm)

Depth: 25.2 (640 mm)


243 lbs (110.2 kg)

Gas Types

Natural Gas, Propane with conversion kit

Maximum Heating Capacity

​119,000 BTU (35 kW)

Minimum Input

​26,000 BTU (8 kW)

Maximum Input

​130,000 BTU (38 kW)

Maximum Input (Heating)

​130,000 BTU (38 kW)

Turn Down Ratio


DHW Activation Rate

0 Gallon/Minute (0 Liter/Minute)

Maximum DHW at 75°F ΔT

211 Gallon/First Hour***

Maximum DHW at 41.7°C ΔT

​794 Liter/First Hour***

AFUE Rating


Circulating Pump


Storage Capacity

​24 Gallons (90 L)

Approved Venting Material

Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, PVC, CPVC


​12-year on heat exchanger, 12-year on tank, 2-year on parts, 1-year on labor


​Energy Star®, CSA, NB, IBR, ASME, H

Included in the Box


• 3” (80 mm) twin pipe adapters for venting (PVC and PP)

• Temperature and pressure gauge

• Outdoor reset sensor

• 3/4” gas shut-off valve

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