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Condensing Gas Boiler

Condensing Boilers

Simply Smart Engineering. Simply Better Home Heating.

When it comes to home heating, it’s all about comfort, convenience and reliability. At Rinnai, we design products that let you experience all three. Our extensive line of Condensing Boilers provides efficient whole-home heating, water heating or both in one advanced system.

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Comforting warmth and soothing hot water. Delivered from one smart system.

Home and water heating. Keeping comfort coming.

Comfort means different things to different people. Whether it’s consistent heat throughout a home, pleasant humidity levels, or continuous hot water, our industry-leading line of Condensing Boilers keeps comfort coming with unparalleled performance.

Improve efficiency - increase comfort: Advanced smart system technology includes an outdoor reset sensor that continually adjusts to changing temperatures.

Hot water without interruption: Our E Series “combi” models have the power to deliver whole-house heating and domestic hot water priority for homes with one to two bathrooms.

Wide range of options: Because comfort is such a personal choice, we offer ten models to give you a wide range of quality options for both existing homes and new construction.

Waste not, pay not with superior efficiency.

Conventional heating systems waste energy with significant heat loss vented into the atmosphere. Rinnai Condensing Gas Boilers are designed to recover heat energy that is discharged into the flue and return it to the heat exchanger for maximum efficiency.

Energy-smart performance: Thanks to advanced technology, our condensing boilers have one of the highest AFUEs (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) in the industry.

Consistently comfortable heat: Our modulating gas valve responds to small temperature changes with incremental increases in BTU.

One complete system: Our Condensing Boilers ship with a factory-assembled low-loss header3, fully modulating boiler circulation pump, and pre-programmed outdoor reset sensors.

Efficient warmth: With a fully-modulating boiler pump that uses only as much energy as needed, you will experience a consistent level of warmth throughout your home and steady savings throughout the year.

Multiple venting options on all models: Our multiple venting options allow for installation in a variety of locations that result in quicker installations and lower labor costs.

  1. Factory-assembled low-loss header kit not included with E Series Condensing Boilers.

Enduring quality. Lasting peace of mind.

No one can predict the future, but the past is a good gauge of things to come. Rinnai’s nearly 100 years of superior engineering, safety and quality inspire peace of mind that our boilers will stand the test of time.

The Rinnai tradition of building in quality at every level with a 12-year heat exchanger warranty1 ensures many years of comfort and warmth. And our superior technical support for professionals along with durability testing means peace of mind and performance you can trust.

Main features to ensure quality you can trust:

Stainless steel heat exchanger: Our proprietary selfcleaning, down-fired stainless steel heat exchanger has industry-leading performance and durability.

OSS (one-side sealed) construction: This arrangement maintains integrity during heat exchanger expansion and contraction.

Factory-assembled low-loss header kit: Professionals save time and money with our convenient factory-assembled low-loss header kit, shipped with all Q Series and Q Premier Series boilers.2

Integrated boiler pump: Our boiler pump eliminates the need to size the pump for the boiler loop and keeps a tight rein on energy usage.

  1. View complete warranty information at rinnai.us/customer-care/warranty
  2. Low-loss header kit is optional on all E Series boilers.

Space to spare, no matter where.

Rinnai Condensing Boilers

Unparalleled comfort and efficiency for your home. That’s what you get with our range of economical, reliable and space-saving Rinnai Condensing Boilers. And while a boiler may not be a focal point in your home, its function is of the utmost importance. That’s why the way a Rinnai Condensing Boiler is built sets it apart from other available heating and hot-water options.

1 Gas-Air Mix

2 Combustion of Gas-Air Mix

3 Hot CH Water

4 Flue Gasses

5 Fan and Venturi Assembly

6 Upside-Down Ceramic Burner

7 Stainless Steel Pipes

8 Condensate Outlet



Perfect for replacement or new construction, these all-in-one floor-standing boilers deliver high-volume hot water and efficient home heating.


  • The QP130 provides 211 gallons (799 L) in the first hour, while the QP85 provides 141 gallons (534 L) for an abundance of hot water.
  • The space-saving boiler has more than five times less of a footprint than a traditional boiler and indirect tank system.
  • Multiple plumbing and venting options enable easy set-and-connect installation. The boilers come fullyassembled with integrated connections for domestic hot-water recirculation lines, factory-installed low-loss header and expansion tank.
  • The zero-clearance installation design is perfect for remodeling.

* 141,000 output for domestic.

** Based on AHRI testing standard for indirect-fired water heaters.

*** Based on 90° rise.



An outstanding choice for light-commercial applications or any home with a separate indirect hot-water source, our wall-mounted boilers free up valuable floor space while maintaining maximum comfort in your home.


  • The four “S” boiler models deliver energy-efficient home heating and offer an optional 3-way diverter valve to simplify installations that have an indirect tank.
  • Consistent temperature is delivered using a thermostatic mixing valve in our Q175C combi heating/hot-water boiler with an onboard 6.6 gallon (25 L) gallon fully-insulated, indirect tank.
  • There’s no wasted energy with the fully-modulating boiler pump that uses just the BTU needed to meet the immediate demand (The maximum BTU input ranges from 85,000 to 205,000).
  • Installation flexibility allows venting up to a total of 200 feet – 100 feet exhaust and 100 feet intake.


An Economical Solution for Home Heating

Available in heat-only and “combi” models, the refined E Series ensures homeowners won’t have to sacrifice continuous hot water. The compact, wall-mounted design delivers consistent heat while saving energy.


  • The space-saving, wall-mounted design integrates a fully modulating boiler pump.
  • Can be easily installed as a retrofit to replace a traditional boiler.
  • The design provides increased efficiency to meet your home’s needs, with a maximum BTU heating input from 50,000 to 110,000.
  • The E50CR is specifically designed for multifamily applications or smaller single-family homes with up to 1.5 baths with no secondary piping or closely-spaced tees required†

“Combi” Boilers include:

  • A plate-warming feature delivers faster hot-water.
  • Continuous hot water made available via domestic hot water priority.
  • A stainless steel heat exchanger and domestic hot water plate creates proven long-lasting durability while delivering faster hot-water.

†Not required if the pressure drop in any system loop(s) does not exceed 4.6 of head at 4.5 GPM flow rate.