Get Tanked on Tankless


Rinnai Turns Up the Heat with Digital Resource Center

Since insights into tankless water heating should flow as continuously as its hot water and savings, Rinnai has enhanced its website with a blog, Think Tankless, for consumers and building developers to stay informed on the latest energy-efficient benefits and endless hot water features, along with related news and insights into efficient luxury  living.

Convenient luxury, in fact, has never been so affordable, as Think Tankless reveals through truly hot features on tankless functionality, study reports, efficient living insights, product discussions, the latest company news, and more.

While tankless water heaters have been embraced by millions for their continuous water supply and ability to lower utility bills up to 40%, there’s been a void of centrally accessible information into its performance and benefits — until now.

Whether detailing the latest research on tankless functionality versus electric water heaters, highlighting how high heating oil costs are driving more home owners to convert to gas, or presenting helpful tips to reduce CO2 emissions from household energy consumption, Think Tankless intelligently invites homeowners, builders, and commercial developers to join the tankless revolution.

“We are very excited to share our passion about tankless water heaters and efficient living with our readers,” said Kelly Matheny, Rinnai eMarketing Manager. “Tankless water heaters are a relatively newer technology that many consumers do not even realize is an option for heating their water. By providing original and relevant content, we have a great opportunity to educate consumers on this technology, as well as the energy-saving and lifestyle-improving benefits of tankless water heaters.”