Alexa at your service from Rinnai

“Alexa, Tell Rinnai I Need Hot Water”


Rinnai is the first tankless water heater manufacturer to offer Amazon Alexa integration.


More than 39 million Americans now own smart speaker device like Amazon Alexa*, and brands are finding unique and innovative ways to connect their products to them. Rinnai is no exception.


But why would anyone want to connect their tankless water heater to their Alexa device? It’s all about convenience.


Rinnai tankless water heaters that feature the enhanced Control-R™ module have the ability to sync with the free Rinnai mobile app. Once connected and the free Rinnai app is downloaded, the Rinnai Tankless Water Heater can be controlled from your smart phone or tablet. This allows homeowners to:

  • Adjust temperature
  • Activate recirculation (if they have a recirculation system)
  • Create remote diagnostic, monitoring and maintenance alerts
  • Enable monitoring dealer to manage system performance and provide faster service


But with the new enhanced Control-R™ 2.0 module that features Amazon Alexa integration, homeowners can use more than 20 voice commands for on-demand activation of the recirculation system.


That means you can simply say, “Alexa, ask Rinnai to start circulation” or say, “Alexa, tell Rinnai I want to take a shower,” and the Rinnai tankless water heater will spring into action.


The good news for dealers is the Control-R module continues to communicate directly with them, serving as a remote diagnostics tool and increasing their connectivity to their customer. The Control-R module pushes system codes and other service information automatically to dealers, enabling them to proactively contact their customers and arrive at a customer’s location with the right equipment and parts. Dealers are also able to reference diagnostic codes, product information and step-by-step instructions, with links to manuals, training, videos and more through the app.


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*Reference: "39 million Americans now own a smart speaker, report claims" by Sara Perez, Jan 12, 2018. TechCrunch.