Hybrid Tank-Tankless Water Heaters Play Video

Hybrid Tank-Tankless

Enough Hot Water for Everyone, Yes Everyone.

A unique combination of an efficient storage tank and on-demand tankless technology, the RH180 delivers up to 180 gallons of hot water in the first hour aloneā€”a difference you'll notice and enjoy right away.

How the Rinnai Hybrid Tank-Tankless Water Heater Works

  1. When hot water is used, it exits from the top of the tank while entering cold water is directed toward the bottom.
  2. Sensing the temperature difference, the tankless unit activates, drawing cold water from the bottom, turning it into hot water, and returning it to the top of the tank.
  3. When hot water usage stops, the tankless unit continues circulating the cold water from the bottom and returning it as hot water to the top of the tank until the tank is completely recovered.